Caplio RX

Wide-ranging convenient functions

Long battery life

The optional large-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery(DB-43) gives you more power to shoot *1.
  • *1:For the number of shots available, refer to the specifications on the back of this leaflet.

Slim 29mm aluminum alloy body

The camera is only 29mm thick with the lens retracted and lightweight(approx. 165g)
It's rigid and robust too.


High-resolution 3.24-megapixel primary-color CCD

The 1/2.7-inch primary-color CCD with 3.34 million square pixels(effective 3.24 million pixels) achieves superior color reproduction.


6 scene modes

Select the optimum program according to your needs.


White balance bracket

Auto-bracket allows you to take three shots simultaneously at different exposure settings, while white balance bracket applies tones of red, normal white and blue to three separate images.


S(stream)& M(memory)continuous shooting capabilities


16 frames for two seconds are stored in one file. Each frame can be enlarged and played back on the camera in succession to create the look and feel of an animated movie.


Movie making with audio up to 120 seconds

As well as moving pictures with audio, Caplio RX can also be used to record audio only. (The remaining capacity of the memory card can be used for storage of one audio file.)


Operation tone setting

You can set the operation tone for start-up, AF ranging and shutter action.


Direct print out with USB cable connection


Connect Caplio RX to a Pict Bridge compatible printer via a USB cable for direct print out of photos without using a PC.


Synchro monitor

To save power, the LCD monitor turns on only when the camera is operated, for example, when you half press the shutter button.

  • *All photographs were taken using Caplio RX (except for the photographs of the Caplio RX itself).

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