Caplio RX

Shutter response in 0.12 seconds means
you'll never miss an opportunity with Caplio RX.

The world's fastest *1 0.12-sec release time lag,
0.9-sec start-up time and 0.9-sec shooting interval

0.12-sec release time lag

Hybrid AF System, Ricoh's unique high-speed focusing system combining CCD auto-focus and external autofocus mechanisms achieves the world's fastest release response of 0.12 seconds. Turn on the power and Caplio RX is ready to shoot in just 0.9 seconds and sequential shooting at intervals of 0.9 seconds means you'll never miss a magic moment

The world fastest 0.12sec

  • *1:As of March 4, 2004. Time required from pressing the shutter button to starting exposure in autofocus mode without using focus lock.
  • *Lens focal lengths described in this web site are values converted into
    those for a 35 mm film camera.

As close as 1cm ---Caplio RX lets you bring your creativity into full play!

Brilliant 1cm macros


Ricoh's expertise in macros comes into its own. Capture subjects as small as 18mmx 24mm in frame-filling detail from as close as 1cm. Also, Caplio RX's AF Target Selection Function allows you to focus on your target by moving the pointer without changing the camera position. It even has a built-in flash for shots as close as 14cm.


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