Caplio RX

3.6x wide zoom, speed and ease of use packed in a compact body!

Ricoh Caplio RX is a compact digital camera equipped with a 3.6x wide zoom lens extending from a wide angle of 28 mm to a telephoto range of 100 mm. With a shutter release response of 0.12 seconds ---the world's fastest *1--- and a start-up time of 0.9 seconds, superb specifications are yours to enjoy in a compact digital camera.

  • *1:As of March 4, 2004. Time required from pressing the shutter button to starting exposure in autofocus mode without using focus lock.



From 28mm wide to 100mm zoom!
Caplio RX's captures the moment ---all of it!

Take a wide-angle shot from up close

You can't step back further from the subject. No problem. Caplio RX can capture the entire scene, indoors or outdoors, that previous digital cameras simply couldn't get in the frame.


Zoom up to distant targets

Use the 100mm zoom to get high-resolution close-ups of your targets.


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