Caplio R7

Feature1: 28 to 200mm wide-angle & zoom lens

Optical 7.1x zoom in a slim 20.6mm body.

Introducing a new standard in digital photography: the wide-angle 28-200mm optical zoom lens.

At wide-angle 28mm you get a dynamic view of nature. At 200mm you can zoom in on each detail. No matter where you're standing, the Caplio R7's optical 7.1x zoom lens brings an amazing range of scenes within your reach.

28mm WIDE

28mm WIDE F5.0 1/1230sec ISO100(28mm)
F5.0 1/1230sec ISO100(28mm)

200mm TELE

200mm TELE F5.2 1/250sec ISO100(200mm)
F5.2 1/250sec ISO100(200mm)


Auto Resize Zoom enables up to 36.2x zoom.

Beyond the optical zoom lens' maximum of 200mm, the Caplio R7 has 4-stage digital zoom that reaches a maximum 36.2x (equivalent to 1010mm)*. Images can be resized to 5M, 3M, 1M and VGA. In addition, Automatic Step Zoom enables you to preset 7 optical focal lengths, ranging from close up to wide angle, so you can photograph one subject from many perspectives.

  • *VGA image size (640 x 480 pixel recorded image)

Leading-edge Ricoh technology produces a work of art.

How does a 28mm-200mm zoom lens fit in a slim body of just 20.6mm? Beautifully with Ricoh's original Double Retracting Lens System. At the touch of a button, the 7.1x lens takes you from a breathtaking wide-angle landscape to a dynamic zoom-up. At the touch of a second button, the lens fully retracts, handing you a beautifully slim piece of camera art ready to slip into your pocket.

  • *At thinnest position

Double Retracting Lens System in a 20.6mm wide body

Double Retracting Lens System in a 20.6mm wide body

Double Retracting Lens System in a 20.6mm wide body


Macro photography allows artistic expressions to flourish.

With the lens at its widest angle*, you can shoot your subject from just 1cm away. For more expressive power, draw back to telemacro-you can still get as close as 25cm to your subject. Offering macro shooting at all focal points, the Caplio R7 provides incomparable insights into subjects ranging from flowers and insects to nail art and jewelry.

  • *Equivalent to 31mm

1cm macro

1cm macro F3.6 1/36sec ISO100(33mm)
F3.6 1/36sec ISO100(33mm)

25cm macro

25cm macro F5.2 1/84sec ISO100(200mm)
F5.2 1/84sec ISO100(200mm)

AF Target Selection

For creative framing you can adjust the focal point freely using AF Target Selection.

AF Target Selection

AF Target Selection
* Simulated images

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