Caplio R5

Features1:Wide, Zoom & 1cm Macro

Optical 7.1x zoom expands both zoom area and expressive range.CCD shift vibration correction function

28 mm for dynamic wide-angle shots

F3.3 1/270 ISO: 100(28mm)
F3.3 1/270 ISO100(28mm)

200mm TELE 200 mm for natural, beautiful close-ups.

F4.8 1/270 ISO: 100(2 00mm)
F4.8 1/270 ISO100(200mm)

Optical 7.1x zoom and Auto Resize zoom with a maximum 34.1x (equivalent to 960mm) * 1

  • *1VGA image size * 2 Image different for each step.

Amazing macro performance capture most intricate details of small objects and flowres

Ricoh's state of the art macro function achieves exceptional images and astounding expressiveness. Macro shots as close as 1cm *3 and close up shots as close as 14cm to the subject dramatically expand expressive range.

F3.6 1/11 ISO100

F4.8 1/48 ISO100

What's more, even with the camera fixed in place the focus point can be freely shi fted within the frame using AF Target Selection.

  • *3 Equivalent to 31mm.
  • *Image is simulated

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