Caplio R40


Optical 5.7x zoom moves you closer.

28mm wide angle/160mm telephoto

105mm telephoto

Caplio R40

While a 105mm zoom only gives you this perspective, the Caplio R40 shows you much more.
Stretching all the way from wide-angle 28mm to 160mm, our 5.7x optical zoom delivers more power to preserve your most precious memories.


A higher level of features. The same slim size.

Amazing macro photography for eye-opening views

1cm macro

Set your lens to its widest angle and you can shoot as close as 1cm away from your subject! For an even more powerful perspective, use telemacro up to 8cm away. Using the four direction buttons- -in AF Target Selection, you can also shift the focus point without moving your camera.


0.007-second shutter release time lag*

The Caplio R40′s ultra-high-speed response keeps you ready for action. Powering up takes 1.1 seconds, shutter release time lag is approximately 0.09 seconds (without focus lock engaged), and your camera resets for the next shot in half a second..

  • *Approx. time with focus lock engaged
  • Time measurements with flash OFF

Large 2.5-inch High Quality LCD Monitor (153,000 pixels)

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The large 2.5-inch LCD monitor allows for clearer, more detailed and defined shooting and playback of images.


Double Retracting LENS System fits a powerful lens inside a slim body

Double Retracting LENS System

How does a 5.7x optical zoom lens fit inside a slim 26mm camera? As the lens retracts, part of it swings like a pendulum inside the camera. Ricoh's advanced Double Retracting LENS System - a smart solution for a smart design.


Additional features & functions

  • Skew correction function - handy for business uses
  • Eight scene modes
  • Three continuous shooting modes
  • Shoot video with digital zoom and sound until memory is full

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