Caplio R4


Caplio R4 has a variety of convenient features ideal for business use

Skew Correction Feature

This feature automatically detects trapezoids in your images and corrects them to rectangles so your pictures appear as though shot from the front. It’s effective in environments where blackboards, information boards, time schedules, and signboards cannot be shot directly from the front.

Skew Correction Feature

AF Target Selection.

Skew Correction Feature


My Settings Feature

A very useful feature, this saves frequently used settings such as zoom area, macro, scene modes, and white balance so the same settings can be called up at any time no matter who uses the camera. It’s especially useful in business situations, where the same tone is often required for all pictures.


PictBridge CompatiblePictBridge

Caplio R4 is compatible with PictBridge, an industry standard for direct printing. Just connect the camera with a printer via cable and print directly: no computer is necessary.


Document Print Function

By connecting Caplio R4 to any compatible Ricoh printer*, you can print pictures in a document form. Effective for business use, this feature provides a choice of 6 styles and 10 patterns.

  • * For further details, please contact your local Ricoh Dealer.

Other Features

  • Histogram display lets you confirm exposure
    The histogram display shows the exposure details of an image in a graphical format on the LCD monitor so you can accurately check for and correct overexposure or underexposure. This feature is especially effective when an overly bright environment lowers LCD visibility.

  • Multipoint focus for enhanced focusing precision
    Up to 5 focus zones are provided. The zone at which the focus is currently set is indicated on the LCD monitor.

  • Easy shooting of video with sound
    Caplio R4 records video with sound at your choice of 15 frames per second or a more natural 30 fps. A 1GB SD Memory Card allows you to record continuously for up to 168 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • Auto bracketing and white balance bracketing
    With auto bracketing, the camera automatically shoots three images at different exposure levels: -0.5EV, ±0, +0.5EV. White balance bracketing applies three different color tones to the images.

  • Modulating shutter release sound reduces mistakes
    The sound of the shutter release varies depending on how quickly the shutter release button is pressed. This audio feedback helps keep you in synch with your camera and avoid mistakes.

  • Record the date and time with your picture
    You can record the date (year/month/day) or date and time (year/month/day, hour:minute) in the right bottom corner of any still image.

  • Image Mixer software for editing images (for Windows)
    Download your Caplio R4 pictures to a computer and you can use the bundled Image Mixture * software to edit, correct and organize them, or create video CDs.
    • *Image Mixer is a product of Pixela Corporation.
      For more information visit :

  • Bundled Desk Top Binder Lite
    Once you’ve downloaded your Caplio R4 images to a computer, you can use this bundled software to edit, store, and print your Caplio R4 images in the same way as a text document file.

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