Caplio R3


Expansive Functionality.

Loaded with advanced features, the Caplio R3 expands the possibility for more beautiful pictures.

Get as close as 1cm at wide angle, or 14cm in telemacro, and expand your vision in the world of macro photography.
Ricoh gives you astonishing insight into macro photography. With the Caplio R3's superior power of expression, you can reveal details beyond your imagination.

Get as close as 1cm at wide angle, or 14cm in telemacro, and expand your vision in the world of macro photography.

Zoom macro function.

Zoom macro mode
Zoom macro mode

By using the zoom macro function in combination with digital zoom, you can shoot your subject larger than in normal macro shooting. Enter a new world of macro photography.

AF Target Selection.

This original Ricoh feature enables you to fix your camera on a tripod and adjust the focal point using buttons. Expand your freedom of expression.

AF Target Selection. AF Target Selection.
*Image is simulated *Image is simulated

A conventional weakness of digital cameras is slow response time. The Caplio R3 delivers faster response every step of the way.

A conventional weakness of digital cameras is slow response time. The Caplio R3 delivers faster response every step of the way.
Shutter release time lag

So you won't miss a chance at a perfect shot, the Caplio R3 powers up in approximately 1.1 seconds. The shutter response time is approximately 0.09 seconds * without focus lock engaged and approximately 0.007 seconds * with focus lock engaged. And your camera resets for the next picture in about half a second. *

  • *Time measurements with flash OFF

New skew correction function.

Rectangular subjects such as blackboards and large signboards need to be shot from a direct frontal angle for optimum sharpness. When you are unable to shoot such subjects face on, the Caplio R3's new skew correction function automatically makes adjustment for the distortion. It's a handy feature for business uses as well as for photographing paintings, scenes with large architecture, etc.


<Result>Beautiful correction.
<Result>Beautiful correction.

Because the photographer cannot gain enough height to shoot the picture straight on, it must be photographed at a steep angle. The Caplio R3 automatically recognizes that the square shape is distorted and adjusts for it.

Camera recognizes that this section is distorted.
Camera recognizes that this section is distorted.

Wide range of features expands photo-capturing capability for any scene.

A long-lasting battery and energy-saving design allow you to take advantage of the numerous advanced features for approximately 310 shots *.

Rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery


Eight scene modes for great results at the touch of a button.

Portrait Portrait
Beautifully blurs the distant background while focusing on your subject. The closer you zoom in, the greater the blur effect.
For capturing moving subjects. Great for sports and other action scenes.
Sports mode
Landscape Landscape
For awe-inspiring landscapes. The focal point is set to infinity so the image is sharp.
Night scene Night scene
For capturing beautiful night scenes without diminishing the dark atmosphere. Ensures that both subject and background are sharp and clear.
Skew correction Skew correction
When shooting a rectangular subject from angles not directly front on, your subject will appear distorted. This mode automatically makes a corrective adjustment.
Text Text
Suitable for all kinds of printed text. Turns your camera into a portable copy machine.
Zoom macro Zoom macro
For making a macro subject appear larger than it would in normal macro mode. Enhances the scope of macro photography.
High-sensitivity High-sensitivity
For use in low light conditions. Also, in this mode the LCD monitor becomes brighter and easier to see.

Energy-saving design and long-lasting power for over 310 shots*.

With the included rechargeable battery, you can shoot approximately 310 pictures *. That's enough for an entire vacation, or business trip. Synchro monitor mode automatically switches the LCD monitor off when the camera is not in use, delivering a big gain in battery power conservation.

  • *Number of shots measured using CIPA standard parameters. Actual performance may vary according to usage conditions.

Three continuous shooting modes.

Three continuous shooting modes.

Multiply your chances of getting the perfect shot with regular continuous mode. Your Caplio R3 will fire continuously for as long as you press the shutter button. Two more continuous modes enhance your control in other ways. In S-continuous mode, one press of the shutter button fires 16 shots in 2.2 seconds and stores them in a single file. M-continuous mode memorizes the last 16 shots in a 2.2-second file - a handy feature for capturing continuous motion, such as in sports scenes.

Convenient ADJ button.

Convenient ADJ button.
*Image is simulated

A quick press of the ADJ button allows you to call up frequently used settings. Icons for exposure adjustment, white balance and two additional settings of your choice will display on the LCD monitor, enabling you to instantly set up for your shot and fire away.

Other features.

    • Histogram display allows you to confirm exposure.
      The histogram display shows the exposure details of an image in a graphical format on the LCD monitor. Instantly check for overexposure or underexposure.

    • Multipoint focus for enhanced focus precision.
      Up to 5 focus zones are established. The zone at which the focus is currently set is indicated by a green outline on the LCD monitor.

    • Shoot video with sound.
      The Caplio R3 records video with sound at a rate of either 15 frames or a more natural 30 frames per second. A 1GB SD Memory Card allows you to record continuously for up to 168 minutes and 30 seconds.

    • Auto bracket and white balance bracket.
      With auto bracket set, the camera automatically shoots three images at three different exposure levels: -0.5EV, ±0, +0.5EV. White balance bracket applies three different color tones to the images.

    • Modulating shutter release sound.
      The sound made by the shutter release being depressed varies according to the speed at which it is depressed. The feedback helps to keep you in synch with your camera and avoid mistakes.

    • Record the date and time with your picture.
      You can record the date (year/ month/ day) or date and time (year/ month/ day, hour/ minute) in the right bottom corner of any still image.


Unique Ricoh Caplio features expand the possibilities of imaging.


    • PictBridge compatible for direct printing.
      The Caplio R3 prints directly from any PictBridge compatible printer. Just connect it with a USB cable and make prints on the spot.

    • Image Mixer software for editing images (for Windows).
      Download your Caplio R3 pictures to a computer and you can use the bundled Image Mixer* software to enhance, correct and organize them. Now you’re ready to create photo CDs! *Image Mixer is a product of Pixela Corporation.
      *For more information visit

    • Expand your photo life with DeskTopBinder Lite.
      Once you've downloaded your Caplio R3 images to a computer, you can use this bundled software to edit, store and print your pictures.

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