Caplio R3


Performance Breakthrough

High-power 28-200mm optical 7.1x zoom lens, new Vibration Correction function, and much more.

Wide-angle 28mm delivers dynamic perspectives.

Ricoh's Caplio digital cameras are famous for delivering wide-angle 28mm perspectives that are impossible to capture with a common 35mm camera. Dynamic 28mm shows its strength especially in expansive scenes like stadiums and large buildings. Wide angle also enables you to achieve creative effects by, for instance, exaggerating the size of your subject relative to background objects. Best of all, the Caplio R3 is so slim and lightweight that this dazzling power of expression slips conveniently in your pocket.

200mm zoom enables unique framing. Vibration Correction function adjusts for handshake.

Section marked indicates framing.

The Caplio R3 is the world's slimmest and most compact high-power zoom lens digital camera *. With its 28mm-200mm 7.1x optical zoom lens, you have infinite possibilities for framing shots. For instance, make your subject stand out majestically from the background. Plus, the new Caplio R3 has a Vibration Correction function that helps to deliver sharp zoom pictures free from the blurry effects of handshake.

  • *As of September 6, 2005, the Caplio R3 is the world's smallest digital camera with an optical 5x or greater optical zoom lens.

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