Caplio R2

Features3:Rapid power-up lets you capture breathtaking moments.

Rapid power-up lets you capture breathtaking moments.

Shutter release lag time of 0.06 seconds for instant response.

At the moment the killer whale breaks the surface, you're already set, thanks to amazingly short shutter release time lag. The Caplio R2 requires only about 0.8 seconds to power up. From focus lock (which is engaged when the shutter button is pressed halfway down), the shutter response time is approximately 0.003 seconds* ; it s approximately 0.06 seconds* when focus lock isn t used. Plus, you re ready for your next shot in as soon as one second. For capturing breathtaking moments, you can fire away without pausing for a breath.
  • *Time measurements with flash OFF

Three continuous shooting modes give you control over quick moving scenes.

Three continuous shooting modes give you control over quick moving scenes.

Multiply your chances of getting the perfect shot with regular continuous mode. Your Caplio R2 will fire continuously for as long as you press down the shutter button*. Two more continuous modes enhance your control in other ways. In S-continuous mode, one press of the shutter button fires 16 shots in 2.2 seconds and stores them in a single file and M-continuous mode memorizes the last 16 shots in a 2.2 second file. Good for capturing continuous motion sequences, these modes enable you to analyze your tennis or golf swing, capture a baby or pet playing, etc. You can playback each shot individually or all shots continuously as animation. The Caplio R2 comes with an AV cable, so just connect to a television and enjoy the action on a big screen.
  • *Time measurements with flash OFF

Unlimited videos with sound.

The Caplio R2 records video with sound at a rate of either 15 frames or a more natural 30 frames per second. You can keep recording for as long as you have available space on your SD Memory Card, and can use digital zoom to close in on the action.

  • *The following photos were made possible through the cooperation of Kamogawa Sea World: dolphins (sports mode section) and killer whale (fast response and continuous mode sections).

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