Caplio R1V

Features4 With its 1cm macro,the Caplio difference shows up in the details.

Wide-angle macro (equivalent to 35mm)
Wide-angle macro (equivalent to 35mm)

The Caplio R1v's macro photography function lets you shoot as close as 1cm from your subject. You can also set the zoom at maximum focal length and shoot in telemacro mode from as close as 13cm away. From 15cm away, flash power will automatically adjust to prevent any unwanted whiteout effects. So you can get amazing perspectives on flowers and jewelry, as well as insects and other tiny life forms.


AF Target Selection enhances macro photography.

With AF Target Selection, you can fix the camera on a tripod and shift the focus point using buttons. This feature enhances your ability to create dynamic macro compositions and attractive blurring.

AF Target Selection features four direction buttons- direction buttons-that enable you to shift and find the best focus point without moving the camera.

  • *Image is simulated

135-zoom macro
135-zoom macro

135-zoom macro
135-zoom macro


Easy shooting. Easy viewing.Large, bright 1.8


Confirm exposure before shooting with the histogram display.Customize your settings with the ADJ button.

Other Caplio R1V features.

Shoot video with sound until the SD Memory Card is full.

The Caplio R1V shoots low-noise video (AVI, 30 frame/ sec.) continuously for as long as space is available on the SD Memory Card. Digital zoom lets you get close to the action and sound is recorded in real-time. And the camera can function as a voice recorder for meetings and interviews.

Auto bracket shoots 3 different exposure levels.

With auto bracket, you press the shutter once and get three shots at three different exposure levels. When you're shooting in complicated exposure conditions, this feature triples your chance of getting the perfect shot.

White balance bracket for shooting in various light sources.

White balance bracket helps to ensure accurate color reproduction for the specific light source. Settings include auto, daylight, overcast, tungsten light and fluorescent light.

Record the date and time with any picture.

You can record the date (year/month/day) or date and time (year/ month/ day, hour/ minute) in the right bottom corner of any still image.

Ricoh Caplio captures the business scene, too.


  • PictBridge compatible for direct printing.
    The Caplio R1V prints directly from any PictBridge compatible printer. Just connect it with a USB cable and you can make prints on the spot. Perfect for sudden meetings or anytime you want to share a picture right away.
  • Correct and edit images with your computer.
    Our image viewer software turns your camera into a powerful business tool, allowing you to enhance or correct your pictures and organize them easily for quick recall.
  • View your images on a large-screen TV.
    The Caplio R1V's 5.0-megapixel high-precision images can also be shown on a large-screen TV with beautiful results.

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