Caplio GX8


Three ways to power your Caplio GX8.

Three ways to power your Caplio GX8.  Three ways to power your Caplio GX8.

Running out of battery power has always been a problem with digital cameras. Ricoh provides a solution with three practical ways to power your camera. The Caplio GX8 is available with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, but also runs on AA batteries, which covers you in an emergency.

An AC adapter is your third option. And to conserve power, the synchro monitor mode automatically switches off the display when it is not in use.


Long-life battery gets you around 400 shots*.

Fully charged, the optional high-capacity rechargeable battery gives you the power to shoot approximately 400 pictures*. Abundant power for the typical holiday.

  • *Battery performance measured using CIPA-standard parameters. Actual performance may vary according to usage conditions.


Up-down dial and ADJ button for easy manual operation.

With the Caplio GX8's up-down dial, you change menu settings, aperture and shutter speed quickly with a few flicks of your thumb. You can also customize your camera with the ADJ button. Arrange the frequently used settings of exposure, white balance, and ISO sensitivity, plus an additional setting of your choice, in a menu for immediate access.


SD Memory Card/Internal 26MB memory.

The Caplio GX8 is compatible with the SD Memory Card, a compact, high-speed, highly reliable media. But even without a card, you can record images on 26MB of built-in memory.


Record the date and time with your picture.

You can record the date (year/month/day) or date and time (year/month/day, hour/minute) in the right bottom corner of any still image.


1.8-inch high-detail LCD monitor (approx. 130,000 pixels).

The amount of detail visible on the LCD monitor is stunning. Even when an image is enlarged, this high-precision LCD monitor lets you accurately preview focus—a big advantage especially when you’re using manual focus.


A high-class camera that conforms to your hand.

We designed the Caplio GX8 to offer a comfortable grip with all controls at your fingertips for intuitive use. An elegant aluminum alloy body provides a solid feel without compromising weight.

A high-class camera that conforms to your hand.


Caplio Solution
  Compatible with USB2.0 High Speed realizing high speed transfer. Easy connection for both Windows® and Macintosh.
  USBThe Caplio GX8 is USB2.0 High Speed compatible. Just connect it to a computer using the included USB cable and you can download large-data images quickly. Ricoh provides software that makes downloading images even easier. But even without our software, you can transfer images with mass storage mode.
  USB direct printing expands your enjoyment of digital photos.
  PictBridgeThe Caplio GX8 attaches directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer with a USB cable. So you don’t need a computer to make
prints. Enjoy beautiful prints at all the most popular sizes without a hassle.

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