Caplio GX8


Three metering methods for the optimum exposure.

Backlight makes these ethereal black dots visible on the leaves...

Choose the best metering method depending on the shooting conditions, the type of subject, or the desired creative expression. Multi mode divides the entire shooting range into 256 parts to measure light intensity. Center mode measures the entire range with emphasis on the center of the frame. And Spot mode measures light intensity only at the center.

Backlight makes these ethereal black dots visible on the leaves. The camera was set to Spot mode, which keeps the background dark so nature's beauty shines.

F2.5 1/189 ISO: 100 spot exposure (28mm)*
*Macro mode

A canopy of trees shelters the valley, allowing only a trickle of sunlight inside...

A canopy of trees shelters the valley, allowing only a trickle of sunlight inside.
To capture the essence of darkness in the middle of the day,
the photographer used Center exposure and a small aperture.
F2.5 1/60 ISO: 64 (28mm)  


Manual focus ensures focus control.

Under certain conditions, such as when shooting through glass or when your entire subject is flat and white, it may be difficult to focus using AF. Manual focus gets the job done with precision.


Histogram display provides up-to-the-moment exposure information.

Conditions constantly change. So must your exposure. The Caplio GX8 is equipped with a histogram display, which gives you a graphical representation of the exposure at that moment. Neither surrounding light nor LCD settings influence the reading.

Histogram display provides up-to-the-moment exposure information.

  *Image is simulated


Reproduce color accurately with white balance settings.

To ensure that you reproduce true colors under various light sources, the Caplio GX8 offers six white balance settings—Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten Light, Fluorescent Light and One Push, with which you can set the white balance manually.


White Balance Bracket and Auto Bracket.

With white balance set to the standard value, White Balance Bracket automatically shoots three images, one with a red tone, one at standard white, and one with a blue tone. By engaging Auto Bracket, you get three shots at three different exposure levels: -0.5EV,±0 and +0.5EV. This helps to ensure that you get the right image even under tricky light conditions.


Non-compression mode for the highest-quality images.

For most imaging needs, including producing the most popular size prints, the Caplio GX8's N (Normal) and F (Fine) modes provide abundant resolution. But for art projects or huge enlargements, use NC (Non-compression) mode and get maximum quality with uncompressed 3264 x 2448 resolution.

  • *In Fine/Non-compression mode, resolution is 3264 x 2448.


Video recording with sound, and more.

With your Caplio GX8, you can shoot high-quality video (AVI, 30 fps) until your memory card is full. The digital zoom function can be used in video recording. You can even record sound with your still images, or simply use the camera as a handy voice recorder.

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