Caplio GX100

System diagram


  • *1Included in the Caplio GX100 VF kit.
  • *2Hood and HA-2 adapter are required.
  • *343mm diameter. Hood & adapter (HA-2) required.
  • *4The ST-1 neck strap for GX/GX-8 cannot be used.
  • *5Included with the camera.

Caplio GX100 Optional Accessories

Accessory Name
Rechargeable batteries : DB-60
Battery charger : BJ-6
AC adapter : AC-4c
LCD viewfinder*1 : VF-1
Wide conversion lens*2: DW-6
Hood and adapter : HA-2
Soft case : SC-45
Neck strap*3 : ST-2
Cable switch : CA-1
  • * 1The VF-1 LCD viewfinder is included in "GX100 VF KIT"
  • * 2The HA-2 hood and adapter is required to use the wide conversion lens. While the wide conversion lens is attached, the internal flash can't be used because vignetting may occur.
  • * 3The ST-1 neck strap for the Caplio GX/GX8 cannot be used.

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