Caplio GX100

Feature4: Extensive functions for taking the best picture in diverse photo situations

With use of wide conversion lens (DW-6), 1/130sec, F4.6, ISO100
With use of 19mm wide conversion lens (DW-6),
1/130sec, F4.6, ISO100, Full size photo; no trimming

Vibration correction and high-sensitivity auto setting, for capturing images with sharpness

A CCD shift-type vibration correction function has been adopted, to enable sharply defined hand-held shots even in low-light situations or where use of flash is prohibited. Vibration correction is also effective for capturing atmospheric shots that harness the light and shadow as-is. By setting the GX100 to the AUTO-HI position, the camera's ISO sensitivity is automatically boosted. As shutter speed is raised, this prevents blurring of the subject. Combines with the vibration correction it makes for distinctive, sparkling pictures.

With vibration reduction
With vibration correction

Without vibration reduction
Without vibration correction

  • *Image shown is for demonstration purposes only.
  • *Effects may not function under all situations.

1cm macro for ultra-precise close-ups

f=37mm, 1/80sec, F4.2, ISO100
f=37mm, 1/80sec, F4.2, ISO100,
Full size photo; no trimming

GX100 permits macro shots as close as 1cm away from the subject at the wide angle setting, and 4cm in the telephoto setting. This gives you the option of using the wide angle for emphasizing proximity, or the telephoto when you want to obscure images in the background. Other powerful features include a "Zoom Macro" setting to boost the size of macro images and auto focus targeting that can be moved without changing the picture composition.

Scene modes give best exposure

A choice of eight still picture modes are provided: Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Nightscape, Skew Correction, Text, Zoom

Versatile flash operation

versatile flash operation

The pop-up flash can be set to Flash-off, Auto, Red-eye reduction, Flash-on, Soft Flash, and Slow Synchro, to provide the ideal lighting for each type of scene. The GX100 also incorporates a hotshoe for connection of an external flash unit.

Flash Soft setting for close-up work

For macro or close-up wide angle shots, the flash intensity can be reduced. For macro photography or close-ups in the wide angle setting, this avoids overexposure of the subject, as well as preventing the background from appearing underexposed, affording extra control for more natural results.

f=24mm, 1/30sec, F9.1, ISO100, EV-0.7
f=24mm, 1/30sec, F9.1, ISO100, EV-0.7, Full size photo; no trimming

Slow Synchro mode ideal for night scene portraits

After the flash captures the subject at the ideal exposure level, the Slow Shutter continues exposure as-is, ensuring that even night scenes achieve the right balance.

  • *A tripod should be used during slow shutter settings.

Movie mode

The GX100 shoots moving images of up to 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second with sound. Image size from 640 x 480 pixels at 30 or 15 frames per second are selectable.

SDHC memory card for high-capacity recording of high-definition images

The GX100 can accommodate SDHC memory cards of up to 4GB capacity. This enables it to record a large volume of high-quality image data and thereby further extending its shooting capabilities.

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