Caplio G3/ G3 model M

Designed to feel like an extension of your own hand...Allowing for faster, more effective shooting possibilities.

0.14 seconds!The world's shortest release time lag* makes action photography a reality!
Never miss that moment again. With a shutter response of just 0.14 seconds - faster than regular 35mm SLR cameras - images are snapped up practically at the same time you press the shutter button. Capture the precious laugh of a child, a jumping dog or even a fast moving car - nearly anything is possible using the Caplio G3 with Ricoh's patented hybrid auto focusing system technology.
  • *As of February 1, 2003 for all auto focus digital cameras. Speed measured as time between pressing shutter release button and starting exposure in in auto-focus mode without using focus lock.

0.14 seconds!

Caplio G3

Curved precision.Simplicity that leads to creation.
The Caplio G3 is a very simple and stylish digital camera that was curved and sculpted to fit comfortably in the photographer's hand. Renowned architect and industrial designer Masayuki Kurokawa, in collaboration with in-house designers at Ricoh, developed its unique shape, which gives you the ability to capture action opportunities quickly and reliably through its phenomenally fast shutter response speed.

Designed by M.Kurokawa
Masayuki Kurokawa is an architect and industrial designer. He is also a professor of graduate school at the Kanazawa College of Art.
Many of his works have awarded a grand prix, a special award that was established in 1957 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.


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