Caplio 500SE

Feature 2

Antiblur function minimizes blurring

Caplio 500SE effectively reduces camera shake blur by combining high ISO settings with fast shutter speeds. Now you can shoot with greater confidence in dark situation.

Camera shake blur reduction Camera shake blur reduction Camera shake blur reduction

(Image is simulated.)

Built-in flash with a maximum range of 10m

The built-in flash unit allows clearer shooting in a wider range of situations. Its powerful illumination extends 10 meters in wide-angle shots and 6.5 meters in telephoto shots.

Powerful built-in flash Camera shake blur reduction Powerful built-in flash

(Image is simulated.)

Large, easy-to-view 2.5-inch LCD screen

The large LCD screen features an anti-reflection coating for clearer viewing in daylight outdoors. You can easily adjust screen brightness to optimize image clarity.There is also an optical viewfinder, so you can use whichever is right for the situation, for more reliable photography.

Wide coverage with 28mm wide-angle zoom lens

Ricoh's 28mm wide-angle zoom lens can capture larger areas than the 35mm lenses of conventional digital cameras. When there is limited space to maneuver, you can more easily capture an entire building or construction site with Caplio 500SE.

Advanced 1cm macro photography

Capture subjects as close as 1cm away in the macro wide-angle mode or 10cm away in the tele-macro mode. The built-in flash unit illuminates subjects as close as 20cm from the camera.

Large buttons and dials

Large buttons and dials

All buttons and dials are large enough to ensure you can easily operate the camera even when wearing gloves.

Camera memos enable easy sorting, searching and management of images

Load memo items preset with a computer and add them to shot still images.There are two types of camera memos: text and voice memos.

Barcode memo function for temporary memos

Shoot one-dimensional barcodes with the Caplio 500SE and register the barcode photos as temporary memos.
(model W only)

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