Caplio 500G wide

Features 2

Camera shake blur reduction

Caplio 500G wide effectively reduces camera shake blur by combining high ISO settings with fast shutter speeds. Now you can shoot with greater confidence in dark situation.

Camera shake blur reduction Camera shake blur reduction Camera shake blur reduction

Powerful built-in flash

The built-in flash unit allows clearer shooting in a wider range of situations. Its powerful illumination extends 10 meters in wide-angle shots and 6.5 meters in telephoto shots.

Powerful built-in flash Camera shake blur reduction Powerful built-in flash

USB2.0 High Speed support

Transferring large-volume image data from the camera to your PC is fast and easy with the provided USB cable. Enjoy single-action transfers, once bundled software is installed in your PC, or use Mass Storage Mode.

Vivid 1cm macro photography

Vivid 1cm macro photography

Capture subjects as close as 1cm away in the macro wide-angle mode or 10cm away in the tele-macro mode. The built-in flash unit illuminates subjects as close as 20cm from the camera.

Large buttons and dials

All buttons and dials are large enough to ensure you can easily operate the camera even when wearing gloves.

Skew correction mode

This mode transforms trapezoids into rectangles. For example, a signboard shot at an angle can be corrected to appear as if shot directly from the front, for easier reading.

Skew correction mode Camera shake blur reduction Skew correction mode

Two-point neck strap

Two-point neck strap

The two-point neck strap lets you carry Caplio 500G wide securely around your neck for easy shooting when desired and less bouncing around.

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