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Before writing on 8x DVD+RW disc.

RICOH DVD+RW 8x disc is compliant with the new standard for HighSpeedDVD+RW. This standard has no compatibility with 2.4x or 4x DVD+RW. The drive which supports only 2.4x DVD+RW or 4x DVD+RW cannot write on 8x DVD+RW disc. The drive which supports DVD+RW 8x (HighSpeedDVD+RW) is required. Firmware upgrade might also be required. For details, please contact your DVD drive manufacturer.

Difference by Logo

The hardware which can write on DVD+RW 8x media has the following logo mark.

Hardware which supports 8x DVD+RW media writing

High Speed logo

Hardware which does not support 8x DVD+RW media writing
(The hardware which supports 4x DVD+RW and 2.4x DVD+RW media)

DVD+RW logo

  • *Firmware is a program which controls the drive stored in the Flash ROM of your drive. Firmware has the necessary information to optimize the writing on DVD disc.


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