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About Firmware.

Firmware is a program which controls the drive, stored in the Flash ROM of your drive. Firmware has the necessary information to optimize the writing on DVD disc.

DVD disc characteristics differ by the materials, amount of materials and manufacturing method, used by each manufacturers. To optimize the write on each DVD dsics with different characteristics, DVD drives have the information in its firmware.

If the firmware do not have the information on the DVD disc you are trying to use or do not function properly, the following problems are likely to occur.
- when you are using several DVD disc of different brands, some DVD brands can be written to but other brands can not.
- some times you can finish the writing successfully and some times you cannot write, results are unstable.
- You can write but fail to finalize the disc.

- Finished writing and finalizing but you cannot read or play the disc. Or you can play but it stops.

With most DVD drives, to solve these problems, to upgrade the function or to improve the quality, the firmware is provided by each DVD drive manufacturers through their web site.


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