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Check Points: Recorder Version

I cannot record to DVD media using DVD recorder.

'Check Point' No.1

Check if the DVD recorder supports the media format you are trying to use.

There are several kinds of DVD media, such as DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW , etc... information on the recordable media can be found in the manual of the recorder.

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'Check Point' No.2

If you are using DVD-R media, there are some recorders which do not support 8x media.

If the recorder do not support 8x media, the lower speed media is required. For details, please contact DVD recorder manufacturer.
'Check Point' No.3

Try a firmware upgrade for the recorder, if it is available.

To improve the writing quality of the recorder, the firmware is provided from the recorder manufacturer. For details, please visit your DVD recorder manufacturer's website.

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If the writing problem is still not solved , please contact your recorder manufacturer.


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