Check Points

Check Points: PC Version

I can write onto (or format) 4x DVD+RW media but I cannot write onto (or format) 8x DVD+RW media.

'Check Point' No.1

Check if your DVD drive supports DVD+RW 8x format.

The hardware which can write on DVD+RW 8x media has the following logo mark.

Hardware which supports 8x DVD+RW media writing
DVD+RW HighSpeed logo;

Hardware which does not support 8x DVD+RW media writing
DVD+RW logo;
The drive can only write to (or format) 2.4x and 4x media. It cannnot write to (or format) 8x DVD+RW media.

* For details, please refer to the manual of your drive.
'Check Point' No.2

If the DVD drive supports DVD+RW 8x media, try upgrading the firmware to the latest version.

To improve the writing quality of the drive, the firmware is provided from the drive manufacturer. For details, please visit your DVD writer manufacturer's website. (For DVD drive notebook PC, please visit the PC manufacturer website).

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'Check Point' No.3

Can you choose the drive maximum speed from your writing software?

You might also want to check if the updater is available from the writing software vender.

If you still cannot choose 16(8)x speed after checking the above points, it will be the specification of the drive. Please contact your drive manufacture for the future firmware update schedule.


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