Check Points

Check Points: PC Version

Cannot complete writing to a disc at all, or occasionally.

'Check Point' No.1

Are you sure that the data you intend to write is not protected from unauthorized copying?

You are not allowed to write any copyright protected data.
'Check Point' No.2

Is the recording surface clean?

Please hold the disc by the outer edge or by placing a finger in the center hole, be careful not touch the recording surface of the disc.
'Check Point' No.3

Try a firmware upgrade for the drive, if it is available.

To improve the writing quality of the drive, the firmware is provided from the drive manufacturers. For details, please visit your DVD writer manufacturer's website. (For DVD drive notebook PC, please visit the PC manufacturer website).

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'Check Point' No.4

Check if the updater for your writing software is provided from the software vender.

To improve the writing quality of the software, the patch is provided from the software vender. Please visit the software vender website to check if the updater is available.

If the writing problem is still not solved , please contact your drive manufacturer.


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