FAQ for DVD/CD Media

8cm DVD-R/RW media

I cannot record on the disc.

Check that the DVD camcorder supports the DVD format. The camcorder needs to support 8cmDVD-R or 8cmDVD-RW. The camcorder which supports only DVD-RAM cannot be used.

Check that the disc has been formatted. When using a disc for the first time, it needs to be formatted. Please refer to the camcorder manual for how to format a disc.

Check that the disc is not finalized. It cannot be recorded if the disc has already been finalized. Finalizing can be checked by setting the disc in the camcorder. Please refer to the camcorder manual for the detail.

DVD-R disc cannot be used if the disc is once been finalized.

If the DVD-RW disc is being recorded by Video mode and finalized, the disc needs to be cancel finalizing. Please refer to the camcorder manual for how to cancel finalizing.

Check that there are no marks, ex. fingerprints, on a recording surface. Lightly wipe the disc in radius way with a soft cloth. Do not wipe in circumference way. If dust particles are on the surface, try to blow it without making scratches.


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