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8X DVD+R Double Layer media Writing Compatibility

This compatibility list applies for the following EDP code products;
  • 793021
  • 793022
  • 790507
  • 790508

This disc is compliant with the new standard for DVD+R DL (Double Layer) recording.
Please use only on hardware compliant with the DVD+R DL standard.
The firmware that supports Ricoh Double Layer discs is also required.

Information on drives that successfully write to a Ricoh DVD+R DL disc in our test.

as of March 06, 2007

Manufacturers Model numbers F/W version Write speed
BenQ DW1640 BSRB 8X
GSA-H12N UJ11 4X
GSA-H22N 1.00 8X
NEC ND-3540A 1.24 2.4X
ND-3550A 1.20 8X
ND-4550A 1.29 8X
ND-4551A 1.21 8X
ND-7550A 1.01 4X
Sony NEC AD7173A 1-2B 8X
PSEC SW-9585S P100 2.4X
SW-9587S P102 8X
UJ-845S D102 2.4X
PCC LF-P867S 1.02 2.4X
Pioneer DVR-112D 8.06 8X
DVR-A12J 1.06 8X
DVR-K15 1.11 2.4X
  • *In alphabetical order

Provided here is DVD writing compatibility information on Ricoh branded DVD+R Double Layer (DL) media with DVD writers. Ricoh Company has carried out write compatibility tests on several DVD writers that are commercially available in the Japanese market. In these tests, data was written to Ricoh DVD+R DL discs using a writer and DVD video authoring software.
The following lists display the results of those tests, indicating the writers that successfully complete the writing process.
Appearance of a writer on these lists does not constitute a guarantee of compatibility. Furthermore, please be aware that changes in specifications, etc., can affect write compatibility.
These lists are based solely on the results of tests performed by Ricoh, using its own testing methods. Please do not ask original drive manufacturers regarding this results.

The information is subject to change without notice.

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