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RICOH & Java™ Developer Challenge Plus 2013

Contest Overview

The glow of imagination at work.In the spring of 2013, the stage is set for meeting new challenges.

  • Awards/Prizes
  • Entry Submission Requirements
  • Judging
  • Inquiries

The RICOH & Java™ Developer Challenge is a major contest in which entrants use RICOH products and compete to submit the best ideas and techniques for development of business applications* that run on the Java platform. For the sixth contest, being held in 2013, we have further expanded the range of RICOH products that can be used, with the result being a major upgrade to the stage on which entrants demonstrate their creative powers. We look forward to seeing how you all respond to this challenge.

* Practical business applications for office use (excludes designs for games, websites, etc.).

Why do Java™ programming on RICOH products?

Safe, efficient, and offering superior versatility and portability, Java™ technology is well suited to network computing. Supported by open source environments, it is used in a wide range of devices, including PCs, cellphones, game devices, smartphones and HDD recorders. Always striving to achieve sophisticated functionality with limited resources and capacity, the RICOH product line is no exception. RICOH has been quick to pay attention to the many possibilities for network function support, complex user interfaces, and development cycle compression that can be realized with the Java™ platform.




Free range of ideas

In the 2011 contest, the Grand Prix was won by a system that links the Kinect game device and a multifunction copier to perform document storage operations with motion, voice and face recognition. In 2012, the Grand Prix was awarded to a system that achieves low-cost interactive digital signage using a projector, a device newly added in the 2012 contest. Year after year we have received a continuous stream of entries filled with freewheeling ideas. This year we again strongly look forward to seeing what kinds of ideas will excite the judges.

* Kinect is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation of the U.S. and its affiliated companies.

The chance for a rare experience

Since students spend most of their time studying and writing papers on their own, they almost never do program development as part of a team. From that perspective, this contest offers them a rare experience. The development kit is provided, and teams making it past the first round get to do programming using a RICOH product. They are able to polish their ideas in a rich environment while being stimulated by professional developers as well as other
students aspiring to work in the same field. And considering that you even get a prize if you win, there is no reason not to participate!


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Awards/Prizes(2012 results)IMAGES

Grand Prix

Trophy Gift certificate (equivalent to ¥200,000)
One PENTAX RICOH IMAGING digital camera

Associate Grand Prix

Trophy One PENTAX RICOH IMAGING digital camera per person


Trophy One PENTAX RICOH IMAGING digital camera

Oracle Award

Trophy Set of Oracle goods, etc.

In addition, all members of participating teams are presented with a prize for participation.
* Prizes for this year's contest will be announced on this site as soon as they are decided.

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Entry Submission RequirementsIMAGES

Participation Criteria

University students and faculty advisors
Participants can be individuals or teams of multiple members.
We anticipate that the participants will be university third-year students or graduate school
first-year students, but there are no particular restrictions.
The system to be developed must incorporate one or more RICOH products/services* 1 and use the designated API, and all or part of the code must run on the Java platform* 2.
* 1 Multifunction copier, projector, Clickable Paper™ Serviceļ¼Œ RICOH Unified Communication System
* 2 Participant are free to also use Android, but Android alone will not be deemed to satisfy the requirement of using the Java platform.

* Since a contract needs to be concluded, a faculty advisor must be on the team.

Entry Submission

This is an open contest.
Application deadline is May 31, 2013(Friday)

Technical Support

RICOH will provide the following technical support.
Development kit (Device SDK Type-J, etc.)(no charge)
Technical lectures for students(no charge)
Contact point for specialized technical support
Lending of equipment (only teams remaining after the first-round selections)

* The information provided and the technical support and other support are only in Japanese.


Sponsor: Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Support: Oracle Corporation Japan

Participation Fee

No fee

Handling of Copyrighted Materials

In principle, the rights to student-created programs revert to the students, but in some cases it may be necessary to obtain the advance approval of RICOH. For details, please check the content of the"Contract for Contest Participation"that will be sent after the contest application is submitted.

* Oracle and Java are the trademarks or the registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies in the United States and other countries. Company names, product names, etc., in the text are in some cases the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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Judges 2012 results

Judging committee chairman
Ken Sakamura, Professor (Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo
Graduate School)

Mitsuru Sasanuma, Senior Sales Consultant (Oracle Corporation Japan)
Hideko Kunii, Executive Board Chair (Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd.)
Shogo Hyakutake, General Manager (Technology Value Marketing Center, Global Marketing Group)
Hideaki Kitagawa, General Manager (Business Development Center, Global Marketing Group)
Katsumi Kanasaki, Chief Engineer (Research and Development Group)
Atsushi Hanai, General Manager (PJ & UCS Business Center, Network Appliance Business Group)
Yutaka Kaneko, General Manager (Corporate Communication Center, Corporate Planning Division)
Wataru Ohtani, General Manager (New Business Development Center, Corporate Planning Division)
Tetsuya Morita (Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd.)
Fumiyo Kojima, Advisor (Corporate Design Center, Corporate Planning Division)
Yoshiki Shibata, Assistant Center Manager (Development Strategy Center, Controller Development Division; also translator of "Effective Java")

Judging Method

 For the first-round selections, judges will review reports, video and the development program that uses an emulator, etc.
 For the final selections, the judging will be done based on source code, documents, video and a demonstration/presentation on the equipment.

Judging Standards

The awards will be decided by judging the entries from a variety of perspectives.

Final Selection Schedule

Date: Mid-January 2014

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Contest Office

RICOH & Java™ Developer Challenge Plus 2013 Contest Office
Solution Marketing Department, Technology Value Marketing Center, Global Marketing Group
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


3-6, Nakamagome 1-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 143-8555, Japan


+81 3-6890-3715 (main)

Technical Questions

A special contact point will be provided. Details will be notified after submission of the contest application.

* The information provided and the technical support and other support are only in Japanese.