The 5th TOKYO-Chanpionship A-Class Final Round
Makoto Matsumoto (Tokyo Insitute of Technology) vs. Yuzi Kikuta (RICOH)
Dec 17 1995
Gymnasium in Headquarter of Hasegawa Engineering Firm, Tokyo, Japan
Anotation : Yuzi Kikuta
translated by Hiroki Kawada <>

For long time I could not reach the final game.
I knew nothing about this tournament before, but I was surprised to see very high-level games here. How lucky I was to survive to the final! The previous games today were satisfying, where I managed to take advantage in opening and developed it to the wins.

In this final match Mr. Matsumoto opened the game with his promising Fourth-File-Rook and I used quick attack which is my unchangeable tactics.
I got sick of this opening today. All the games I opened with Fourth-File-Rook, and four of them were against quick attack including a game ended in Sennichte (extra game for infinite moves).

I felt a small advantage at 23...
R-8c because I have ever seen the same position several times. Instead of 26... Bx7g+ I considered alternative move, P-8h. I chose Bx7g+ as it seemed a clear variation at the moment but...

When I saw 28. B*6a I simply thought "What is he doing?". Then 29. Bx5b+, his sacrificing move, really shocked me. "Oh, my Rook will be dead by G*8i!" I could not see any moves other than taking the Horse immediately, however, I intentionally made myself absent-minded for five minutes. Calm down. Again, looking at the situation I found 29... Rx7h+, taking Silver with leaving the Horse alive. It meant my castle would be brittle, but I dared this variation.

After the absolute moves to 36. +Px6c I spent a long time to seek how to crush Black's castle, but it was not easy. Finally I squeezed out the variation 36... P-6b 37. +P-7b Bx9d. For me it was cool move. But the following moves were not necessary defense. I could not stop it for my psychological pressure and resulted 44. +Bx7g +Rx5h: he could successfully draw back his Horse to the better position and I had to sacrifice my Dragon. Now my attack became thinner.

I realized a large disadvantage at this position, though, I felt the game might be easy for me because he was already in Biyoyomi (obligated to move in a short limited time) and my castle had become much solid.

But, 48... P*1g was too hurried. Steady move, N-3c for example, was better instead.

Black's loosing move was 51. N*4e. If L*2g instead, I was not confident.
The reason he did not was told he expected my attack would be continued by 51... P-2d, though, I might not choose such a risky move.

Back to the game,51...Sx2f allowed no effective defense in Black.

A lot of prizes were surprising for me. Prize money, four honorable mentions, a shogi board and a ticket of Koma-Oto Concert (an annual musical event by famous classic musicians and shogi pros!) were too much to carry by myself.
In the prize giving ceremony I dropped by mistake a small envelope of the prize money and stepped on it. Oops, a large footprint on the prize...

The Moves

1 P-7f P-3d 2 R-6h P-8d
3 P-6f S-6b 4 K-4h P-5d
5 S-3h K-4b 6 K-3i K-3b
7 G6i-5h G6a-5b 8 P-4f P-1d
9 P-1f S-4b 10 S-7h P-8e
11 B-7g S4b-5c 12 K-2h P-7d
13 P-5f G4a-4b 14 S-6g S-6d
15 R-7h P-7e 16 L-9h Px7f
17 Sx7f R-7b 18 P-6e Bx7g+
19 Rx7g S6d-5c 20 S-6g R-8b
21 P-4e P-8f 22 Px8f Rx8f
23 P*8g R-8c 24 B*4f P*7c
25 P*7d B*9i 26 S-7h Bx7g+
27 Nx7g R*8h 28 B*6a R-8d
29 Bx5b+ Rx7h+ 30 +Bx4b Sx4b
31 G*8e R-8b 32 Px7c+ Nx7c
33 P*7d Nx8e 34 Bx8b+ Nx7g+
35 P-7c+ S6b-5a 36 +Px6c P*6b
37 +P-7b B*9d 38 +P-6a Bx6a
39 R*7a B-9d 40 +B-6d G*5b
41 P-4d N*3a 42 +Bx5d S*5c
43 +B-5e Sx4d 44 +Bx7g +Rx5h
45 Gx5h Bx5h+ 46 G*4i +B-5g
47 Rx9a+ P-1e 48 Px1e P*1g
49 Lx1g N-3c 50 P-2f S-3e
51 N*4e Sx2f 52 Nx3c+ Sx3c
53 L*2g Sx1g+ 54 Kx1g Lx1e
55 P*1f Lx1f 56 Kx1f P*1e
57 Kx1e P*1d 58resigns.