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Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business

Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business

As the global economy and society changes ever more dynamically, entities are urged to achieve growth and development while overcoming various global challenges. Under such circumstances, expectations of private companies are increasingly growing as a main drive to realize a sustainable economy and society. In response, Ricoh established the Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business, aiming to achieve business growth through corporate activities while contributing to the realization of an affluent and sustainable economy and society in April 2010.
The institute possesses dual functions: a think-tank function to study future economic trends of society and their potential impact on corporate management; and an advisory function to make recommendations and point out issues based on the research findings to Ricoh Group senior management.
Utilizing such functions, Ricoh precisely understands structural changes in society and the economy taking place behind continuous changes felt in the business environment while steadfastly conducting independent analysis in light of Ricoh's own business conditions. The institute also explores desirable directions of our corporate activities that aim to contribute to the resolution of global challenges, including global warming, and how a company should act amid global competition, seeking a new growth model that is reflected in mid- to long-term management strategies. We strive to become a company that will gain increasing confidence of the international community through the collaboration between research and corporate activities while strengthening our corporate competitive edge.

The Institute's structure

The Institute’s structure and concept

  • *The institute calls upon business executives and intellectuals with advanced and broad expertise from outside the company.
    Advisors: Kunio Nakamura (Executive Advisor, Panasonic Corporation) Shoei Utsuda (Chairman, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.)

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Companies are required to make decisions with a critical eye on outlook
based on the premise that the future is uncertain

Nobuo InabaNobuo Inaba
President, Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business

As the global economic society changes each minute, various challenges come to light. In today's business world, companies are required to make decisions while keeping a critical eye on the outlook based on the premise that it is highly likely that uncertainty will continue into the future.
Under such circumstances, the Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business aims to contribute to corporate decision-making through analysis of the business environment, and strives to conduct practical studies that are closely related to our corporate activities.
Since its foundation, the institute has provided useful information to the top management and presented suggestions concerning corporate management through joint meetings where discussions are conducted based on research findings and study groups with external experts, while gradually expanding the release of our findings outside the company. We strive to enhance our activities and contribute to the simultaneous realization of business growth and a sustainable economic society.