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Font for Embedded Systems

Font for Embedded Systems

At RICOH, we provide a variety of fonts including element font, bitmap font and TrueType font for embedded systems.
To meet your needs, we offer an abundant selection of typefaces for various languages.
We also provide a Layout Engine that correctly displays languages with complex grammar such as Arabic, Hebrew,
Thai and Vietnamese.

Font Selection Guide
This guide is intended as an aid to assist you in selecting the font that best suits your embedded system.

Product Lineup

Element System Font "RT Font"
Developed with RICOH’s own font technology, element system font is a scalable font for high-speed display with significantly lower memory requirements than that of TrueType.
TrueType Font
Leveraging its accumulated research experience and know-how, RICOH offers high quality TrueType fonts, including its MS Mincho/MS Gothic fonts which ae bundled with Windows.
Bitmap Font
With an abundant assortment of typefaces and sizes, RICOH offers high quality Bitmap fonts with optimized design for each size.
Layout engine
Featuring high speed processing and minimal memory requirements, RICOH’s Layout Engine allows you to correctly display fonts such as Arabic and Thai in accordance with the complex grammar rules of these languages.


  • Applications

    Some of the representative device application in which RICOH fonts are used.

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