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Top view

image:Top view


Bottom view

image:Bottom view


Side view

image:Side view


Button Functions

MENU button Displays the MENU screen from which you can format the memory card, set the date and time, update the firmware, and perform other tasks.
Function buttons Move the cursor.
DISP. button Toggles the information display.
PAIR button * Removes atmospheric interference.
Whenever it pushes, it changes to AUTO, M1, and M2.
Furthermore, it will be come by off if it pushes once again.
STB. button * Stabilizes images to reduce the effects of vibration.
Press once for image stabilization of S1, press once more for S2, and press a third time to turn OFF.
With the S2 setting, the image stabilization effects are stronger but the field of view will be reduced.

* Depending on the subject and related conditions, not enough effect may be achieved in some cases to produce an adequate image.

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