VGA Camera Link™ with pre-processing functions


Suitable for uses such as component alignment, positioning, simple direction determination before component processing, taping and mounted device part presence/absence confirmation, etc.

  • High-speed frame rate of VGA: 90 fps
  • Ultra-compact 28 mm × 28 mm CCD camera among the smallest in the industry
  • Uses PoCL (Power over Camera Link), which has a strong track record as a high-resolution digital camera interface
  • Camera contains automatic control functions for gain and shutter
  • Various trigger modes (pulse width, edge preset trigger) as standard features
  • Image processing with an on-board lookup table possible in the camera
  • M4 screw holes are located on four sides
    Sturdy construction for increased mounting precision
  • Dual power alternatives, either PoCL or an external supply possible
  • [Lookup table (gamma curve)] enables luminance settings at all gradients for creation of finely detailed images
    [Supported cameras] FV-L200B1, FV-L030B1, FV-G200B1, FV-G030B1

On a camera with pre-processing functions, it is possible to correct luminance at all gradients using an on-board lookup table prepared by the user based on subject characteristics and inspection objectives. This also reduces the burden on the PC’s CPU and increases processing speed. In addition, the lookup table can be prepared as a CSV file and uploaded.



Imager 1/3" interline VGA monochrome progressive CCD
Active picture elements VGA:648(H)×494(V)
Cell size 7.4(H)×7.4(V)μm
Vertical frequency (Frame rate) 31.47(30fps)/62.94(60fps)/94.784(90fps)Hz
in partial full scanning( default scanning mode)
Horizontal frequency 15.7343(30fps)/31.4685(60fps)/47.2028(90fps)kHz
Pixel frequency 12.2727(30fps)/24.5454(60fps)/36.8181(90fps)MHz
Minimum scene illumination 0.4lux at F1.2
Sync. System Internal
Video output format Digital 8 , 10 or 12 bit Raw Data (Base configuration)
Exposure time OFF, 1/3 to 1/40,000 sec.(Variable at every H and clock)(30fps)
OFF, 1/7 to 1/80,000 sec.(Variable at every H and clock)(60fps)
OFF, 1/11 to 1/120,000 sec.(Variable at every H and clock)(90fps)
Gain 0 to 27dB
Power supply Input voltage DC 12 Vdc ± 10%
Consumption Less than 2.7W
Dimensions 28(W)×28(H)×40(D)mm(NOT Including the connector)
Lens mount C mount
Weight Approximately 43g
-5 to 50deg. C
-30 to 65deg. C

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