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Products:Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming –Release of user-firiendly and energy-saving multifunctional copiers–

Only 0.5 W of electricity consumption for the sleep mode with a quick recovery—just 5.1 seconds Release of energy-saving top runners, “RICOH MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003”

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.
image:RICOH MP C6003RICOH MP C6003

The multifunctional digital full-color copiers, “RICOH MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003,” which were released in June 2013, employ Ricoh’s original energy-saving technologies: “Color QSU (Quick Start-Up) technology (DH fixing system*1),” and a low melting point toner “Color PxP-EQ.” In addition, they employ new technologies such as a “smart position motor” and ASIC (application specific integrated circuits) that can operate under low electric power. Thanks to these original and new technologies, the standard electricity consumption (TEC value*2) of the above models represents industry-leading energy conservation*3. Electricity consumption in the sleep mode is up to 1 W, and time for recovery from the sleep mode is greatly shortened.

The electricity consumed by “RICOH MP C3503/C3003” in sleep mode (while connected to the network) is just 0.5 W. In addition, these models recover from sleep mode in only 5.1 seconds, which is shorter than previous models *4(7.8 seconds). As described above, these models achieve incredibly high performance in terms of user-friendliness and energy conservation.

“RICOH MP C6003” achieves high productivity—60 sheets per minute for print out in color or black and white, while also achieving excellent energy-saving performance; standard electricity consumption is just 2.55 kWh. Also, resource saving and downsizing are features of the main body design. The lifecycle (from raw material procurement to disposal) environmental impact of the new model is about 50% less than that of Ricoh’s previous model of comparable size.


QSU (Quick Start-Up): Technology that allows the copier to quickly recover from the energy saving mode (sleep mode) and be ready for use. “DH” stands for “Direct Heating” and is the latest color QSU technology to be implemented.


Value obtained by the measurement method determined by the International Energy Star Program.


As of August 22, 2013. According to an investigation by Ricoh.


imagioMP C3302/C2802

User-friendly and energy-saving wide-format copiers suitable for printing out drawings Release of multifunctional digital full-color wide-format copiers, “RICOH MP CW2200/CW1200”

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd. MP CW2200

The multifunctional digital full-color wide-format copiers, “RICOH MP CW2200/CW1200,” released in December 2012 incorporate Ricoh’s “controller technology,” “GELJET technology*1,” and “scanner technology.” Thanks to the combination of these technologies, the electricity consumed by these models in sleep mode and during operation is about 90% less than the previous model*2. Conventionally, multifunctional wide-format copiers have mainly employed electrophotographic technology. However, Ricoh focused on energy-saving performance and quick start-up from sleep mode, both of which are merits of Ricoh’s original GELJET technology, and has pursued high-energy-saving multifunctional wide-format copiers. “RICOH MP CW2200/CW1200” can recover from sleep mode in only seven seconds—far shorter than the 120 seconds required by the previous model.
Furthermore, the new models are user-friendly, requiring less time to continuously print out five A1-size sheets in black and white--a typical use pattern employed by users when they start up the machine from sleep mode--than the previous model.


Ink-jet technology


imagio MP W2401 SP (electrophotographic technology)

image:Compared with the previous model (imagio MP W2401 SP), the new models greatly save energy.

Superior energy-saving design and power management technology allows installation using only one power supply cord. Release of a high-speed and high-image-quality energy-saving multifunctional copier, "RICOH MP C6502"

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.
image:RICOH MP C6502RICOH MP C6502

"RICOH MP C6502," a high-speed (65 sheets/min.) multifunctional color copier released in May 2013, is installed using only one power supply cord—a first among equivalent high-speed copiers.
In the past, this type of high-speed multifunctional copier required a measurable amount of power to achieve high image quality and was equipped with two power supply cords that were directly connected to a wall socket to obtain the power, which caused inconvenience. For example, the copier could only be installed in a certain location in the customer's office.
However, in addition to adopting superior energy-saving design, we employed power management technology*1 to adequately control the electric power of each unit. This technology enables power supplies to be sent only to where they are required on an as-needed basis, thus reducing peak AC input current up to 15A. With this configuration, the copier can now be installed using only a single power supply cord.

Now, we proudly offer a highly productive and high-image-quality device that represents "user-friendly and energy-saving technologies," achieves "both energy conservation and high image quality," and can be installed virtually anywhere.

Technologies that support the simultaneous realization of user-friendliness, high image quality, and energy conservation

1) Superior energy-saving design

Higher image quality is required for high-speed color copiers. However, increased image quality performance typically leads to lower energy conservation performance—in other words, the pursuit of high image quality has led to deterioration in energy saving performance. In order to overcome this challenge, we have successfully developed Ricoh's original energy-saving fixing technology. This technology utilizes the IH fixing system for rapid output to achieve energy conservation derived from fixing the belt that achieves high image quality. The heating efficiency required for fixing represents about 70% of the power consumed. The heating efficiency of the above new device is 10% better than the previous model. In this way, we have succeeded in balancing two opposing characteristics—image quality and energy conservation.
In addition, we changed the paper feed drive motor from a stepping motor to a DC motor. With a conventional stepping motor, current margin is configured for each required torque, which consumes more current than is necessary. On the other hand, with the DC motor, consumption current is suppressed according to torque, which reduces the DC power consumption of the whole system by about 14%. The power saved is used to increase productivity. Thanks to the above superior energy-saving design, the new copier can achieve high output—65 sheets of color printed paper at 1,500W.

2) Power management technology

The multifunctional copier is divided into a scanner, control panel, controller, printer, and finisher so that electrification can be controlled. The multifunctional copier itself performs the control. For example, it disables the operation of the printer and finisher when the scanner is in use. The control performed by the copier does not require manual operation by the customer, yet is able to save energy.

"RICOH MP C6502"--Less than 1W of electricity consumption in standby mode

Energy saving performance
Comparison with the previous model (imagio MP C6001 SP)
-TEC value: 6.77KWh -> 4.54KWh
-Power consumption during sleep mode: 1.7W -> 0.57W
-Warm-up time: 90 sec. -> 59 sec.
-Time for recovering from sleep mode: 90 sec. -> 58 sec.

Energy-saving multifunctional copiers incorporating a wide range of Ricoh’s environmental technologies

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.

“RICOH MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003” incorporate energy-saving design. Furthermore, Ricoh’s cutting-edge environmental technologies are applied to the design of each component of the above multifunctional copiers.

image:RICOH MP C6003RICOH MP C6003

1) Stress-free energy-saving multifunctional copier

In terms of both user-friendliness and energy conservation, “RICOH MP C6003 SP” is by far better than the conventional equivalent model, “imagio MP C6001 SP”.

Energy-saving Performance
Comparison with the conventional model (imagio MP C6001 SP)
-TEC value* 6.77 KWh -> 2.55 KWh
-Energy consumption in the sleep mode 1.7 W -> 0.6 W
-Warm-up time 90 sec. -> 16 sec.
-Recovery time from the sleep mode 90 sec. -> 5.9 sec.

These effects are derived from Ricoh’s energy-saving technologies: “Color QSU technology (DH fixing system),” “low melting point toner ‘Color PxP-EQ’,” and the technologies described below.

“Power management technology”
During start-up and recovery conditions, minimum electricity is supplied to the parts other than the fusing parts. Instead, electricity is intensively supplied to the fusing heater. This power management technology allows a large amount of electricity to be supplied to the fusing heater over a short period of time.
“Heating width control technology (movable light-shielding plate)
This technology controls the heating width according to the size of the paper that is fed, quickly and effectively creating a state where fusing is possible. The recovery time from the sleep mode is drastically reduced.
Newly developed “smart position motor”
The highly accurate feeding control minimizes the paper sheet interval. Even though the size of the image producing engine is comparable to that of a middle-speed copier, the above new copier can continuously copy 60 sheets per minute. The smart position motor allows the new copier to be downsized as well as lightweight, take up less space, and save electricity.
“ASIC (application specific integrated circuits)”
ASIC controls switching to or recovery from the sleep mode and is designed to operate with lower electric power. These contribute to the drastic reduction of electricity consumption.
New adoption of “DDR3 memory standard”
Compared with the DDR2 (memory standard) memory employed in the previous model, imagio MP C6001 SP, DDR3 operates at high speed and consumes low electricity. In this way, DDR3 improves the energy-saving performance of the entire copier.

  • *Value obtained by the measurement method determined by the International Energy Star Program.

2) The new copier saves not only energy, but also resources and space.

Another factor that allows “RICOH MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003” to greatly improve their environmental performance is compact design. Ricoh has been aiming to provide customers with products having low environmental impact in every aspect including low electricity consumption, and working on the reduction of environmental impact in the product lifecycle. Producing products with fewer resources is one of the principal pillars of the reduction; Ricoh has set mid- and long-term goals and deliberately reduced resources according to the goals.
“RICOH MP C6003 SP” achieves high productivity, 60 sheets per minute, to print out in color as well as in black and white. On the other hand, it is a compact-sized product. Its size, 587 mm in width and 685 mm in depth, is comparable to the size of our copier that can print out 22 sheets per minute. In order to produce the copier the compactness of which is beyond conventional imagination, we set detailed target values for each module of the copier and implemented the thorough resource-saving design.

Resource-saving Design
Comparison with the conventional model (imagio MP C6001 SP)
-More than 65% lighter: 298 kg -> 102 kg The thicknesses of both the resin and the plates are reduced to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, we developed a new lightweight frame the surfaces and corners of which are reinforced and which is not easily deformed thanks to the reinforcement.
-Taking up 37% less area: 6,375 cm2 -> 4,021 cm2
The redesigned paper conveyor and other components led to the downsizing of the double-sided printing apparatus; the downsized apparatus is now housed in the copier. In addition, through detailed simulations of temperature increase, the apparatus that can sequentially copy up to 60 sheets is installed in a smaller space.
-Increase of the use of recycled resin:
In order to promote effective utilization of resources, we use recycled resin and biomass resin for the copier.

3) The environmental impact of the copier throughout its lifecycle is about 50% less than that of the previous model.

A substantial saving of resources leads to the reduction of environmental impact during transportation and disposal.
For “RICOH MP C6003 SP”, CO2 emitted at each of the following stages is drastically reduced: (a) raw material procurement, (b) product manufacture, (c) transportation, (d) usage (electricity and paper consumed by the customer), and (e) disposal (including recycling). CO2 emitted in the lifecycle of the copier is about 50% less than that in the lifecycle of the previous model.
We believe that the use of “RICOH MP C6003 SP” by more and more customers will contribute to global environment preservation.

Comparison of lifecycle CO2 emissions between RICOH MP C6003 SP and the previous model, imagio MP C6001 SP
image:Comparison of lifecycle CO2 emissions between RICOH MP C6003 SP and the previous model, imagio MP C6001 SP

Calculation conditions: 60 sheets are printed out every month; the ratio of full-color printing is 50%; the duration of use is 5 years; (regarding package types) RICOH MP C6003 SP is packed in corrugated board while imagio MP C6001 SP is packed in resource-recirculating eco packaging; RICOH MP C6003 SP is manufactured in China while imagio MP C6001 SP is manufactured in Japan; and both models are sold in Japan.