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Business Sites:Pollution Prevention
–Risk Management of Soil and Underground Water Contamination–

Management of the contamination risk of soil and underground water

  • Global/Ricoh Group

The Ricoh Group addresses the issue of soil and underground water contamination from the three viewpoints of social responsibility, environmental risks, and financial risks. With this recognition, the Group established the Standards for the Management of Risks Related to Soil and Underground Water Contamination and has been working in conformity with basic policies for risk management against soil and underground water contamination set under the standards. We began an investigation of the soil and underground water at our sites in Japan in the early 1990s. Since then the investigation has expanded globally to cover all sites of the Group, including nonproduction facilities and offices, and improvements have been made as necessary. At sites where contamination has been detected, appropriate measures have been taken according to the specific scenario that each site has drawn up for complete remediation, based on the group standards and in compliance with the applicable regulations of each country. These activities have been completed at all the related sites except a number of facilities, where improvements are progressing steadily. Therefore, we have reduced soil/underground water contamination risks sufficiently to secure a certain level of safety as an entire group (see the table below). Pollution cleanups are often costly. As a measure to deal with this risk, Ricoh sets aside adequate reserves for possible future losses from the cleanup of environmental damage based on reasonable cost estimates, upon determining that there is a good likelihood that a cleanup may involve the incurring of significant costs.

The Ricoh Group's Basic Policies Concerning Soil and Underground Water Contamination

(1) Top priority is given to preventing health hazards.

(2) Laws, regulations, and ordinances set by national and local governments shall be observed

(3) Efforts will be made to carry out risk assessment, control and alleviation to cope with contamination caused by the Ricoh Group's business activities

(4) Efforts will be made to establish risk communication with local governments and residents

(5) Soil is checked for contamination when land is purchased/transferred or rented/returned