Corporate Philosophy / Management Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The Ricoh Group's corporate philosophy "The Spirit of Three Loves" was established by its founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura. He explained the philosophy as follows: Everyone at least loves himself/herself. As time passes, however, this feeling of love grows and expands to include all people, plants, and animals in the world. This philosophy drives the Ricoh Group toward better sustainable environmental management.

The Spirit of Three Loves

Love your neighbor
Love your country
Love your work

Management Philosophy

Ricoh's management philosophy was formally introduced in 1986 based on the corporate philosophy of "The Spirit of Three Loves" in order to establish and nurture the corporate culture and system to ensure survival in a time filled with increasing change, information-oriented societies, diverse values, and more intense competition.

Our Purpose
To constantly create new value for the world at the interface of people and information

Our Goal
To be a good global corporate citizen with reliability and appeal

Our Principles
To think as an entrepreneur
To put ourselves in the other person's place
To find personal value in our work


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