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Ricoh to start using the JAMP*1 Information Dissemination Infrastructure

At the Joint Symposium on Information Transmission using JAMP Information Dissemination Infrastructure *2 held on December 15, Ricoh (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo) announced that it will start using the JAMP information dissemination infrastructure. The JAMP information dissemination infrastructure corresponds to the REACH *3 regulation, and is an infrastructure for exchanging information about the chemical substances contained in products etc.

This symposium was jointly held by the seven member companies of the JAMP Steering Committee of the Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP) on December 15, 2009. Each member company explained its views on the dissemination of information about chemical substances in the supply chain, as well as the status of its initiatives in this area. Ricoh made an announcement concerning its utilization of the JAMP Information Dissemination Infrastructure. JAMP has created this system in order to allow information to be transmitted and utilized efficiently throughout the entire supply chain.

Ricoh's policy regarding use of the JAMP Information Dissemination Infrastructure

惻Ricoh will incorporate the mechanisms that JAMP provides, in order to use the information dissemination infrastructure appropriately. Ricoh will also create a management system in accordance with the JAMP Management Guidelines for Chemicals Contained in Products.

Ricoh will adopt JAMP-AIS and JAMP-SDSplus *4 (XML based formats) as the procurement formats for the chemical substances contained in products.


JAMP stands for Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium, an organization that was founded in September 2006 as a cross-industrial promotional consortium with the goal of creating and disseminating specific mechanisms for appropriately managing information about the chemical substances, contained within components and molded articles, and efficiently disclosing and transmitting this information along the supply chain.


The JAMP Information Dissemination Infrastructure (otherwise known as the JAMP Global Portal (GP)
Rapid and accurate response to the international management of chemical substances, such as the European REACH regulations, is essential, but to have each individual company or industry operate its own different mechanisms for investigating and procuring chemicals would place a heavy burden on both the party supplying the chemicals and the party procuring them. The JAMP Information Dissemination Infrastructure began operation in June 2006 under the leadership of JEMAI (the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry). JAMP issues draft concepts and specifications to facilitate the appropriate management of information relating to chemical substances etc contained in components and molded articles, as well as the efficient disclosure and transmission of such information.


REACH regulations
REACH is the name of the European Union regulation relating to the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. This regulation seeks to register and manage industrial chemicals according to their usage status, in order to evaluate the safety of chemical substances.


The JAMP-AIS (Article Information Sheet)and the JAMP-SDSplus (Material Safety Data Sheet plus)
These are two of the basic information transmission sheets recommended by JAMP for transmitting information about the chemical substances contained in products.

December 28, 2009
Ricoh Co., Ltd.