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Ricoh Global Eco Action

Activity Report (Americas, Europe)

Calling on all sales subsidiaries in the Americas to take eco actions

  • (Ricoh Americas Corporation/U.S.A.)

On June 5, 2009, the chairman of Ricoh Americas Corporation (RAC), regional sales headquarters for the Americas, sent a message to all employees in Ricoh's sales subsidiaries in the region to remind them of the significance and meaning of the United Nations' World Environment Day and Ricoh's Global Eco Action that take place on the same day. Many subsidiaries and employees responded to the message enthusiastically and undertook various activities to mark the day for the environment.

Using public transportation or carpools for commuting

  • (Ricoh Americas Corporation/U.S.A.)

The RAC headquarters in New Jersey, United States, encourages their employees to share the ride with other employees and reduce commuting-related CO2 emissions. Employees who have participated in the carpool program were rewarded with an "eco-bag" (reusable shopping bag).
At RAC's Montville Branch, employees are also encouraged to commute in a more eco-friendly way. A consultation service was offered to those who are interested in "eco-commuting," e.g., carpools and public transportation, and employees who started eco-commuting received their eco-bags.

Ricoh Eco-Action/World Environment Day Awareness event

  • (Ricoh Latin America, Inc./U.S.A.)
RLA employees inviting participation in the eventRLA employees inviting participation in the event

Ricoh Latin America, Inc. (RLA), a Florida-based RAC company that oversees Latin American operations, held a Ricoh Eco-Action/World Environment Day Awareness event to ensure employees' full understanding of Ricoh's environmental management policies and specific actions for energy-saving, resource conservation and recycling, pollution prevention, and education and awareness building, among others. Participants in the event received an eco-bag and a brochure summarizing the event programs. In parallel, a campaign to reduce energy consumption was held, where air conditioners, TVs, a fountain, unnecessary lights in the office were all turned off, which reduced RLA's power consumption by 4.2 kWh.

Leave a Green Impression campaign

  • (IKON Office Solutions, Inc./U.S.A)
Leaflet distributedLeaflet distributed

IKON Office Solutions, Inc., a sales subsidiary, promoted its "Leave a Green Impression" campaign for employees across the nation from June to August 2009. As part of the campaign activities, a leaflet with ideas on how to take environmentally responsible action in the office and at home was distributed.

Team Eco Action Day

  • (Ricoh Europe PLC/U.K.)
Painting fences at Community Links City FarmPainting fences at Community Links City Farm

The Head Office of Ricoh's regional headquarters Ricoh Europe PLC in London held its Team Eco Action Day. During the annual event to raise environmental awareness—specifically concerning biodiversity—182 employees worked happily together. The tasks included renovating facilities and building a new garden at Community Links City Farm in east London, planting fruit and vegetables, designing environmental learning worksheets for children, painting murals, and others.

Distribution of environmental documentary CD

  • (Ricoh Portugal, Unipessoal, Lda/Portugal)

Sales subsidiary Ricoh Portugal organized "Change our habits?each one of us can make a difference," campaign and provided all employees with a CD showing a 90-minute environmental documentary, so that they could share it with their families.

Cycle to work campaign

  • (Ricoh Deutschland GmbH/Germany)
Ricoh Deutschland CEO Uwe Jungk and TQM assistant Linda Lemke commuting by bicycleRicoh Deutschland CEO Uwe Jungk and TQM assistant Linda Lemke commuting by bicycle

In Germany, the German Cyclists Federation (ADFC) and a leading health insurance company AOK organized the "Cycle to Work" campaign for three months from June 2009. In the health promotion campaign, 65 Ricoh Deutschland employees, including CEO, Uwe Jungk, participated, commuting by bicycle for more than 20 days during the campaign period, resulting in a total cycling distance of more than 4,000 km.