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Ricoh Global Eco Action

Activity reports (Japan, China)

Joint cleanup activity by three companies

  • Ricoh Hokkaido Co., Ltd.; Ricoh Technosystems Co., Ltd./ Japan
Cleaning up around the officeCleaning up around the office

Our sales subsidiary Ricoh Hokkaido Co., Ltd. cleaned up the neighboring areas of the office, together with Ricoh Technosystems and Ricoh's sales agent Suehiro Jimuki Co., Ltd. The three companies are tenants of the same office building. The benefit of the cleanup activity was more than the trash collected: two bags of burnable trash and one bag of incombustible—it provided the opportunity for the three companies to communicate more closely. They agreed to conduct such cleanup activities continuously and to explore opportunities of expanding these joint efforts.

Participation in the Clean Campaign Nagoya

  • (Ricoh Chubu Co., Ltd./Japan)
Clean up to keep the local community litter-freeClean up to keep the local community litter-free

Our regional sales headquarters, Ricoh Chubu, worked to reduce power consumption during the Eco Action period by ensuring no overtime work and no lights on after working hours. Employees of Ricoh Chubu also joined the Clean Campaign Nagoya on June 6, 2009, with employees of Ricoh Technosystems, Ricoh Logistics System Co., Ltd., Ricoh San-ai Service Co., Ltd., and Lex General Service Co., Ltd., collecting recyclable waste and cleaning up public areas. As many as 1,000 Nagoya citizens, including Nagoya City Mayor, Takashi Kawamura, participated in the event, held on the day following World Environment Day.

Raising environmental awareness internally and externally

  • (Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd./China)
Participants writing their environmental messages on a boardParticipants writing their environmental messages on a board

On June 5, 2009, lights, PCs, and air conditioning in the office of Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd. were switched off during the lunch time. Stickers encouraging energy conservation and water saving were also placed in the offices, and employees left the office on time, without overtime work. Outside the office, external activities were also carried out to promote green awareness in the other tenant companies of the building where the research center is located. These activities included putting up awareness raising posters, distributing leaflets and giveaways with environmental messages, and conducting a survey to encourage the use of energy-saving light bulbs. At the entrance lobby, a video introducing the Ricoh Group's environmental conservation activities was played throughout the day, and a message board was installed to invite anyone to leave their messages about the environment.