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Afan Woodland Conservation Project

Forest recovered by the project activities

Forest recovered by the project activities

Ricoh started the Afan Woodland Conservation Project in 2001 in cooperation with the C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust in Kurohime, Nagano Prefecture. Once degraded, forest ecosystems cannot recover easily? sometimes it requires hundreds of years if left to natural capacities only. It is therefore important for us to help the forests recover their wounds. With the project goal set as "Recovering and conserving the stable growth for prolonged periods of natural forests by supporting the natural processes of succession," the group selected trees that needed priority for growth care, while providing an environment where the trees can best recover themselves using their natural capabilities. The results of work so far are obvious in the increasing number of wildlife species in the forests. With the image of the woodland 100 years from now in mind, the project repeats the "activities as planned" and "survey to inspect the results" so that human interaction can always result in the best way to enhance the woodland's self-recovery capabilities.