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Sustainable Environmental Management Promotion System

The Ricoh Group has integrated the management of environmental activities into business operations in the Group as a whole.

The Ricoh Group aims to promote sustainable environmental management that generates economic values through environmental conservation activities. Sustainable environmental management is promoted, not by a special organization or framework, but through activities integrated into business operations at each group company and each business division. Since fiscal 2002, the management of environmental conservation activities has been integrated into the business promotion system, accelerating sustainable environmental management in the Group as a whole.

Organizational Chart for the Ricoh Group's Sustainable Environmental Management System
  • *
  • The United States, Canada, and Latin America are covered by sales companies in the Americas;
    Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are covered by sales companies in Europe;
    China is covered by sales companies in China;
    and Asia (excluding Japan and China, but including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and Oceania are covered by sales companies in the Asia-Pacific region.