DVD/CD Drives FAQ for MP8040SE

PC environment

This page outlines some known incompatibilities in PC systems and applications.  A list of recommended SCSI adapters is also included.  RICOH cannot provide technical support for users with known incompatible systems.  This information was last revised on July 1, 1999.


PC systems


CPU: Pentium133 MHz or better (For 4x writing, 166 MHz or better are recommended.)

OS: Windows95(OSR 2.0 or later)s, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation 4.0(iservice pack 3 or 4)
  • * Regarding the version of Windows 95 please ask your PC manufacturer.
  • * MP8040SE is only Windows model.  It does not support Macintosh.

RAM: 32 MB or over(64 MB or over recommended for Windows NT)

HD: 1GB or larger

For Windows 2000 pro: RICOH PCMCIA SCSI host card driver is available from
our download page. But you will have to purchase another writing software that support both of the Windows 2000 pro and the MP8040SE. I am afraid we will not provide any software upgrade.

SCSI host adapter

For connecting with the Desktop PC, the other SCSI host adapter and SCSI cable are required. The SCSI host adapter that we confirmed is AHA-2940AU from Adaptec. Attention


  • MP8040SE works with the supplied AC adapter.  Be sure to always use the supplied AC adapter cable.
  • For connecting between the note PC and MP8040SE, please be sure to always use the supplied PCMCIA interface card and interface cable.
  • In order to record 1x, 4x speed, the CD-R/RW disc that supports recording 1x, 4x.
  • MP8040SE drive is the model for only Windows 95/98/NT (WS) and it is just supported by the writing software bundled with this unit.  Ricoh support under neither another writing software nor Macintosh.

Application information

  • Problems may occur if memory resident programs like anti-virus software are installed.  This may conflict with the writing software.  Please uninstall the anti-virus program before writing to the CD.  If this is not possible, deactivate the anti-virus while writing.
  • Errors may occur with Task-scheduler running in the background.  This is a utility program installed by Windows 98 Plus.  To avoid this, disable the program or change the scheduled auto-running time.
  • Real-Player (version 4.0 or over) may cause errors while recording due to conflicts with the writing software.  Uninstall this program before writing to the CD.

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