DVD/CD Drives FAQ for MP7080A

PC environment

NOTE: This page outlines some known incompatibilities in PC systems.
The other information is available at following.

Trouble shooting in general
Product information
Firmware upgrade

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IBM PC300GL, PL, XL Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

With the PC abovementioned and installed IDE Busmaster driver, it will not work.
This could depend on the HD controller driver, you will have to change a HD controller installed to the Standard HD controller provided from the OS.

IBM Aptiva E-21/31 series, E-17/27/47 series

Under the PC abovementioned and pre-installed the Windows 95;
It was reported the driver will not work. With additional information reported, it got to work after new installing the Windows 98.

Compaq DESKPRO 6450 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

Under the PC abovementioned and pre-installed 'Compaq Utilities';
it was reported the Windows will not properly boot just after installed the writing software (Direct CD, Easy CD Creator).
On the case you may have to try reinstalling only the Windows OS without any utilities above.

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