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DVD/CD Drives FAQ for MP6200 series

PC environment

This page outlines some known incompatibilities in PC systems and applications. A list of recommended SCSI adapters is also included. RICOH cannot provide technical support for users with known incompatible systems.


PC systems

SCSI host adapter

There are many differences with the power supply and interface architecture between desktop and notebook PCs. With this in mind the MP6200S series may not always work in all notebooks.

The configuration below has been tested and approved.

CPU: Pentium100MHZ
OS: Windows95 OS/2
SCSI I/F adapter: PCMCIA adapter-Adaptec Slim SCSI APA-1460A
SCSI I/F cable: original cable from Adaptec

  • *However with other adapters and cables, proper function cannot be guaranteed. The SCSI adapter must be properly installed in the PC. In some cases there may be many pre-installed devices, for example sound card, MIDI, LAN and there may not be a spare IRQ to install the SCSI card.

MP6200A(ATAPI model); Bus master driver.
  • In some cases the Bus Master device driver does not support the CD-RW drive. In this case, it is recommended to change to a Standard IDE driver or update the driver for your specific Bus Master chipset. For details, contact your PC manufacturer.

SCSI host adapter

The following are the recommended SCSI adapters.

AHA-1510, 152x, 154x, 2940, 3940 series from Adaptec.
  • *In case AHA-2940U2W, the latest SCSI driver must be installed.

Application information

  • Problems may occur if memory resident programs like anti-virus software are installed. This may conflict with the writing software. Please uninstall the anti-virus program before writing to the CD. If this is not possible, deactivate the anti-virus while writing.
  • Errors may occur with Task-scheduler running in the background. This is a utility program installed by Windows 98 Plus. To avoid this, disable the program or change the scheduled auto-running time.
  • Real-Player (version 4.0 or over) may cause errors while recording due to conflicts with the writing software. Uninstall this program before writing to the CD.

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