FAQ for the MP5316DA Drive

Information on software bundled
with the RICOH Asian retail model

NOTE: This page provides information on the software bundled with the RICOH Asian retail model. For details, please consult the manuals provided, or the distributor.

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My Nero software identified my MP5316DA as an "MP5316DAG." Is there a problem with my drive?

There is no problem with your drive. The “MP5316DAG” is the internal name of the MP5316DA. Software programs bundled with the RICOH retail model show the drive as “MP5316DAG.”

What software programs come with the RICOH MP5316DA Asian retail model?

Please visit Product Information for the MP5316DA.
The package and accessories that come with the drive may be dependant on the country or the distributor. If your package differs from the information on the link above, please ask the distributor or the shop where you purchased your drive.

Useful Tips: When you start NeroExpress...

Everytime you start NeroExpress, the startup window of the program asks you to choose DVD or CD as the format to be used by your drive. The illustration below is an example for that. Also, please note the different sub-menus used by the DVD and CD formats.

NeroExpress screen copy

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Useful Tips: Video-Mode in NeroVisionExpress...

Please be sure to choose the correct Video-mode for your country, NTSC or PAL, when using the NeroVisionExpress application.

Where can I find the software version number on NeroExpress?

Start NeroExpress and go to the “?” icon on the left-corner on the program window. See the illustration below.

NeroExpress version

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What is the DVD+VR format? What is the difference between "DVD-VR" and "DVD+VR"?

Originally, each of them originated from different DVD physical format standards. The DVD+VR format (DVD+RW Video Recording format) came from the DVD+RW format. The DVD-VR format (DVD Video Recording format) came from the DVD-RW format.

Both formats are the same on the following points.

  • Able to add or edit video data.
  • Enable real time recording.

The major differences are:

  • The DVD+VR format is compatible with DVD-Video format in playback mode. For details about the DVD+VR format, please see here.
  • The DVD-VR format is incompatible with DVD-Video format in playback mode. Generally, only with the writer that recorded the disc can play it back.

The RICOH MP5316DA Asian retail model includes a software program that supports DVD+VR, but does not come with a software program that supports DVD-VR.

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Which version of OS supports the bundled software?

You have to check system requirements for both the MP5316DA and the writing software. For detail see here.

Can I edit a disc recorded in DVD Video Recording (VR) format ?

Software that supports DVD Video Recording is required to edit a DVD-RW disc you created. But the software programs that come with the RICOH MP5316DA Asian retail model do not have this feature. See also this topic.

Is there any help available for the bundled software?

Go to the Help menu.
A software manual (PDF) for each application supplied is available on the MP5316DA installation CD.

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