FAQ for the MP5240A Drive

Specifications / Connections / Installation

NOTE: This page provides tips on connection and installation of RICOH MP5240A DVD+RW/+R drives. For details, please consult your manuals or the distributor.

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Accessories for the RICOH MP5240A Asian kit:

The RICOH MP5240A Asian kit does not contain any blank media, audio cables, or ATAPI cables. Please purchase them to meet your needs.

In the following cases you will be able to enjoy sound without any audio cable connection between an MP5240A drive and a sound card.

The sound card has to work properly for the above cases.

What formats can be written? And what kind of software can write each of them?

Refer the specifications page for the supported format and writing method available. For the software required for each format information, refer to this link.

What kind of media can be used?

The MP5240A can be used with DVD+R (plus R), DVD+RW (plus RW), CD-R, CD-RW (1-4x) and HighSpeed CDRW (4-10x) media.
Recommended media information is available

What is the DVD+VR format?

DVD+VR format stands for DVD+RW Video Recording Format. It allows you to add and edit video data while maintaining compatibility with the DVD-Video format.

Check here for details.


Can the MP5240A write on DVD-R media?

Not supported.
DVD-R ('hyphen' / 'dash' R) differs from DVD+R ('plus' R). Each of them has a different Standard.

Can the MP5240A write on DVD-RAM media?

Not supported.

Can the MP5240A write on DVD-RW media?

Not supported. DVD-RW media ('hyphen' / 'dash' RW) differs from DVD+RW media ('plus' RW). Each of them has a different Standard.

Is DVD-Audio supported?

Not supported.

What kind of interface does the MP5240A have?

The MP5240A has the following interface.
  • ATAPI interface (Ultra DMA mode 2 supported)
  • Analogue audio connector
  • Digital audio connector (SPDIF 2 pin)

The MP5240A has no headphone jack. Why?

RICOH MP5240A does not have any headphone jack. If you are going to use headphones, please connect them to an output port on your sound card.

Can I install an MP5240A in my PC?

You will find the system requirement of the MP5240A on the specifications page. Please check to see each part of system requirements, for DVD+RW/+R writing, for CD-R/RW writing, and for DVD-Video playback.

Can I use it as an external drive? Or are there any external models?

Only an internal ATAPI model is available. This model is specifically designed to be used as an internal model.

Can I connect it to a note PC?

No. It is only for a desktop PC which has a free IDE interface.

Can I use a slim-type rounded cable without any shield to connect the drive?

No, you can not. We recommend an ordinary flat ribbon ATAPI cable, not an un-shieded-type cable. For the details, please look here.

My PC is a slim-type desktop. Can I install the drive?

For installing the drive, one free 5 inch bay is required. Please consult your PC manual.

Can I install it vertically?

Yes, you can. But in the case of vertical installation, the drive cannot read/play 8 cm single CDs.
Reading/playback of 8 cm single CDs is supported only in the case of horizontal installation.

Which version of OS is supported?

The drive itself is supported Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 professional, and Windows XP.
To use the drive, the software must also support the OS. Information on the compatibility between the bundled software for the RICOH Asian retail model and the OS is
If you use other writing software, please be sure to check the compatibility between the software and your OS, and between the software and the MP5240A. For details, please ask the software supplier.

Can I use it under another OS like Linux, UNIX, or Macintosh?

It is designed to be used only for the Windows OS, we do not provide any support for Linux, UNIX, or Macintosh.

Does the MP5240A support CPRM?

Not supported. CPRM stands for Content Protection for Recordable Media.

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