FAQ for the MP5240A Drive

B's Recorder GOLD / B's CLiP fromBHA software


Can these bundled applications write additional data on DVD+R media?

B's Recorder GOLD supports multi-session writing on DVD+R media.
To read DVD+R media recorded using the multi-session format requires a drive that supports DVD+R media and the Windows 2000 system (SP 3 or later) or the Windows XP system.
NOTE: TransRecorder and neoDVD do not support additional video data recording on DVD+R media.

When I try to write data with B's CLiP 5 in Windows XP, it doesn't write and a shortcut appears.

It may be that the that Windows XP recording option is enabled. Try again after removing the option.
Right click on MyComputer, then click Properties. Click the Recording Tab, then remove "Enable CD recording on this drive" to disable the option.
Also, see the information provided by B.H.A corporation (below).


After running B's Recorder GOLD, even when I put a CD-ROM disc into DVD+RW drive nothing will appear on Windows Explorer.

While the drive is used by B's Recorder GOLD as a recorder, the drive will not appear on Windows Explorer.
This is a specification of the software, the drive will appear again after you quit B's Recorder Gold.
When you are going to copy a disc and the PC does not have another CD-ROM drive, it is better to use the 'CD Back-up' function. This allows you to make copies even if you have only one DVD+RW/CD-RW drive by creating an image file on the computer's HDD.

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The eject button will not work with B's CLiP media. How can I eject the disc?

This is a specification of B's CLiP. You can eject the disc using the software.
Right-mouse click on the B's CLiP icon on Task Bar, and choose Eject.

The LED of the drive is blinking all the time, after I format a DVD+RW disc with B's CLiP. Is that OK?

There is no problem. This is a feature of DVD+RW formatting with the B's CLiP software, it will last only about one minute, then it will allow you to use the DVD+RW disc. Because the formatting actually continues in the background while the drive is not used, the LED continues to blink during the process.

Even while the LED is blinking you will be able to eject the disc anytime you want.

Can a CD-R/DVD+R disc be used with the B's CLiP software?

No, a CD-R/DVD+R disc cannot be used with B's CLiP.
This is a specification of the software. Please use CD-RW media or DVD+RW media for packet writing.
If you are using CD-R/DVD+R media, it will be better to write using B's Recorder GOLD.

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Can the CD-RW/DVD+RW media written using the B's CLiP software be read by other CD/DVD-ROM drives?

Both of the following are required for reading.
  • Support for the Multi-read function by the CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  • Installation onf the B'sCLiP UDF reader on the PC that is connected to the CD/DVD-ROM drive you are using to read.
Further information and the B's CLiP UDF reader are available from BHA software's web site.

How can I erase a B's CLiP disc, returning it to the blank state?

You can erase the media with the following procedures.

Program > B.H.A > B's CLiP > B's Erase
Or B's Recorder GOLD is also able to erase with the following.

Run B's Recorder GOLD > Disc > Erase, and choose the option "Erase the entire disc."

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While I'm erasing a DVD+RW disc, the LED keeps blinking all the time. Is that OK?

It is quite normal that a LED light blinks during erase of a DVD.

After erasing a DVD+RW disc with B's GOLD, Windows Explorer shows the disc has only 1.99 GB free.

It is quite normal that a blank DVD+RW disc appears to have only 1.99 GB free, and this is dependent on the Windows OS. You can check the space free with B's GOLD. Go to [Disc] - [Information], it will show the free space on the disc.

B's CLiP should have asked me to choose an option when I ejected the DVD+RW disc I had just written. However no message appeared.

The reason of the message with some options is because background formatting has not been completed yet.
After background formatting is completed, it is normal that no message appears while ejecting a DVD+RW disc.

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Is there any help available for B's Recorder GOLD or B's CLiP?

You can find HTML and PDF documents at:
  • *Program > B.H.A > B's Recorder GOLD 5 >
  • *Program > B.H.A > B's CLiP >
Also refer to the Installation CD to locate the following.
  • *MP5240A\Gold\English\Doc\
  • * MP5240A\Clip\English/Doc\

Further information will be found on the
BHA website.

TransRecorder fromNagase/ NeoDVD standard fromMedioStream


NOTE on timer recording using TransRecorder:

While you are watching a TV program with a PC, TransRecorder timer recording does not work, regardless of the target source (Hard disk or DVD media).
If you are going to attempt timer recording with TransRecorder, be sure to quit the TV watching program before starting the program.

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NOTE: TransRecorder does not support Windows 98/98SE/Me systems.

TransRecorder does not support Windows 98, Windows 98SE, nor Windows Me systems.

For Windows systems above, be sure to remove the install option for "TransRecorder TV PLUS 2.0" and "TransRecorder Scheduler 1.0," on TransRecorder Installation window.

Does timer recording work even after the system is suspend? Does it come back from standby mode or suspend mode?

No. Timer recording does not work when the system is in standby mode or suspend mode.

Is it possible to add movie data to a DVD+R disc that has been recorded once?

No. Please use DVD+RW media if you are going to add any data later. Also it is better to record using the DVD+VR format. The DVD+VR format should be configured as the default setting in TransRecorder and neoDVD.

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Where can I install neoDVD from? There is no button for neoDVD on the program launcher of the Installation CD.

Launch the Installation CD, click TransRecorder 1.0, and then click to check the option, "neoDVD Standard 5.0 AC-3 for RICOH" to install.

I cannot install neoDVD standard 5.0 AC-3 for RICOH, which is in gray on the Installation window.

Possible causes could be any of the following.

1. neoDVD 5 has been installed already.
2. neoDVD 4 has been installed, and you cannot install neoDVD 5, for some reason.

For case (2) try the following.

1. Uninstall neoDVD 4, then reboot the system. After that, install neoDVD 5 again.
2. When you cannot install neoDVD 5 even though the neoDVD 4 uninstallation has been completed, you may need to remove neoDVD 4 information from the registry on your system.

Editing the registry requires you to login as Administrator.

NOTE: We will not accept responsibility for any changes made by editing the registry. Please try them at your own risk, and be aware that changing system settings may cause unexpected system problems.

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Is there any help available for TransRecorder?

You can find HELP for the program, or PDF files on the Installation CD that came with the MP5240A Asian kit.


The TransRecorder website is here.

neoPLAYER fromMedioStream


Where can I install neo PLAYER from? There is no button for neoPLAYER on the program launcher of the Installation CD.

Launch the Installation CD, click TransRecorder 1.0, and then click to check the option, "neoPLAYER" to install the software.

After installation, you can start the software from:

Program > MedioStream > neoPLAYER

Is there any help available for neoPLAYER?

You can find a "?" icon in the program. Also HTML help files are located in the following locations.

\Program Files\Mediostream\neoPLAYER\DVD\Help\index.htm

You can find further information from:


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