FAQ for the MP5125A Drive

Information on bundled software with the RICOH Asian retail model

NOTE: This page provides the software information for the RICOH Asian retail model. For details, please consult your manuals or the distributor.

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B's Recorder Gold / B's CLiP fromBHA software


Note: For B's CLiP bundled with the RICOH MP5125A Asian retail model

Please be sure to update the B's CLiP software bundled with (to 3.28 or greater) before using it. The updater is available at the following site.
BHA corp.

Due to a bug on the software, the B's CLiP bundled with the above model may recognize a CD-R/DVD+R disc as supported media and write onto CD-R / DVD+R media in some computing environments.
Actually, B's CLiP software supports neither CD-R nor DVD+R media.

Update the B's CLiP software to the latest version from BHA's web site.

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Can B's Gold write additional data on DVD+R media?

B's Gold 5.21 or greater supports multi-session writing onto DVD+R media.

To read a DVD+R disc recorded in the multi-session requires a drive that supports DVD+R media and the Windows 2000 (SP 3 or later) or Windows XP systems.

NOTE: The BHA website mentions that B's Gold 5.24 or later is not compatible with DVD+R media recorded in multi-session format using ver. 5.23 or earlier. Please be sure to checkB's Gold version history from ver. 5.23 to 5.24 on BHA websitefor further information.

With DVD+RW media, does 'HD Back-up' work with B's Gold?

Yes. With version 3.04 or greater, the HD backup function for DVD+RW media will be supported.

Is B's Gold able to create a bootable DVD+RW disc?

Yes. With version 3.04 or greater, it will be able to create a bootable DVD+RW media.

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After running B's Gold, when I put a CD-ROM disc into my DVD+RW drive, nothing appears on Windows Explorer.

While the drive is being used by B's Gold as a recorder drive, the drive will not appear on Windows Explorer.
This is a specification of the software, the drive will appear again after you quite B's Gold.

When you are going to copy a disc, and the PC does not have another CD-ROM drive, it's better to use the 'CD Back-up' function. This function allows you to copy using only one drive by creating an image file on the HDD.

The eject button will not work after I wrote some data with B's CLiP. How can I eject the disc?

This is a specification of B's CLiP. You can eject the disc from the software.
Right-mouse click on the B's CLiP icon on the Task Bar, and choose Eject.

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The LED of the drive is blinking all the time, after I format a DVD+RW disc with B's CLiP. Is that OK?

There is no problem. DVD+RW formatting with B's CLiP software will take only about one minute, and then it will allow you to use the DVD+RW disc. Because the formatting will actually continue on in the background while the drive is not used, the LED will blink during the process. It will take about 20 or 30 minutes.
Even while the LED is blinking, you will able to eject the disc at anytime.

Can CD-R media be used with B's CLiP?

No, cannot. Neither CD-R nor DVD+R media can be used with B's CLiP software.
This is a specification of the software. Please use CD-RW media or DVD+RW media for packet writing.
For using CD-R/DVD+R media, it is better to write with B's Gold.

Can CD-RW/DVD+RW media written using B's CLiP software be read by other CD/DVD-ROM drives?

Both of the following are required for reading.
  • Support for the Multi-read function by the CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  • B's CLiP UDF reader must be installed on the PC that is connected with the CD/DVD-ROM drive you are trying to use to read.
Further information and the B's CLiP UDF reader will be available from BHA software's web site.

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How can I erase a B's CLiP disc, returning it to the blank state?

You can do it with B's Gold.
After starting B's Gold and then putting the DVD+RW disc in the drive, go to [Disc] - [Erase] on the menu bar, and choose the option, 'Erase the entire disc.'

How long does it take to erase a DVD+RW disc written to once?

With the option, 'Erase the entire disc', it will take around 30-40 minutes to erase a disc with B's Gold 3.1x or greater.

While I'm erasing a DVD+RW disc, the LED keeps blinking all the time. Is that OK?

It is quite normal that an LED light is blinking during erasure of a DVD+RW disc.

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After erasing a DVD+RW disc with B's Gold, Windows Explorer shows the disc has only 1.99 GB free.

It is quite normal that a blank DVD+RW disc appears to have only 1.99 GB free, this is due to the Windows OS. You can see the actual free space available with B's Gold. Go to [Disc] - [Information], and this will show you the remaining space on a disc.

B's CLiP should have asked me to choose an option when ejecting the DVD+RW disc I had just written. However no message appeared.

The reason for the message with some options will be because background formatting has not been completed yet.
After background formatting is completed, it is normal that no message appears when a DVD+RW disc is ejected.

Is there any help available for B's Gold or B's CLiP?

Please visit our Operations Guide for DVD+RW , or you can find further information at the BHA web site: http://www.bhacorp.com

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neoDVD standard fromMediostream


I cannot install neoDVD, and I get a message that says, 'CPU does not support neoDVD standard to run. Installer will quit neoDVD standard installation.'

This warning will appear when the system requirements are not met. Check to see your PC's specs and the system requirements for neoDVD, first.
Refer to
the specs page for the MP5125A or the software supplier's web site.

Running neoDVD, a message appears that says, 'neoDVD to run requires 24 or 32 bit color.'

neoDVD requires 24 or 32 bit color for display when running neoDVD. This message will appear whenever the color is less than that setting. It is better to set the display color to 24 or 32 bit to avoid this problem.

Is there any information available about neoDVD standard?

You will find further information at the following site.

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WinProducer fromInterVideo


Where is the WinProducer manual located?

The installer for WinProducer will also install the help file. Which is located at:
Program Files - InterVideo - WinProducer

This file works in three ways;
Double click on the file from Explorer
Start - Program - InterVideo WinProducer - InterVideo WinProducer Help
Running WinProducer program to go to Help from the menu.

Is there any information about WinProducer available?

You will find further information at the following site.

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