MO Drives FAQ



During start-up, all other devices are detected by the BIOS except the MO drive. Is there something wrong with the MO drive?

The drive may need to be repaired however a few things must be confirmed,

1. Ensure the power cable is correctly connected to the MO drive.
2. Ensure the SCSI interface cable is correctly connected and fully seated in the socket.
3. Check to see if there is anything wrong with SCSI cable, such as bent pins (in the connector or socket). Handle with care, especially in the case of the high-density connector type.
4. Ensure each SCSI device has a unique SCSI ID. (Refer to your manual for instruction on how to change the SCSI ID.)
5. Confirm if the SCSI host adapter is correctly installed from the Device Manager. In case NT 4.0, check under the SCSI Adapter icon in the Control Panels. If SCSI host adapter is not recognized, contact your SCSI adapter's manufacturer.

The MO drive is not recognized by the BIOS but the OS recognizes the drive. Is there something wrong with the drive?

It appears that an old driver for the SCSI host adapter is installed. Ask your manufacturer of the SCSI host adapter for an up to date driver.

Although there is just one MO drive connected the OS recognizes there are 8 drives. What is wrong?

Check to see if the SCSI-ID for MO drive is set to the same ID as the SCSI host adapter. The SCSI host adapter default setting is 7.

Are there device drivers for Windows95/98/NT4.0 (WS)?

No special drivers are needed. The drive uses Windows Standard drivers included in the OS. The drive will be recognized as disc drive.

Where can I purchase MO discs?

As RICOH had discontinued manufacturing 5.25-inch MO discs, refer to the following.
Disc MO drive
650MB (512B/sector) RS-9200E, RS-9200E II, RS-9200EX, RS-5060E
650MB (1024B/sector) RS-9200E, RS-9200E II, RS-9200EX, RS-5060E
1.2GB (512B/sector) RS-5060E
1.2GB (1024B/sector) RS-5060E
We recommend using discs from Mitsubishi.

The Busy LED on the front panel keeps blinking and cannot write to a MO disc.

Your drive will require additional servicing. Please contact your dealer/shop for more details.

When I put a brand-new 1.3GB disc in my RS-9200E/9200E II/9200EX, the disc is not recognized. Is there a problem with the drive?

There is no problem with the drive. MO drive above supports only 650MB MO discs.

When I insert a brand-new disc into my drive, the disc is automatically ejected. Is there a problem with the drive?

Please test using another disc. If the second disc is recognized the problem appears to be with the first disc. The disc may have some defect. Please return it to the shop or the manufacturer? Should the second disc also be ejected there may be something wrong with the drive.

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