FAQ for DVD/CD Media

Troubleshooting for DVD media

A disc cannot be written to

Check the following points.

  • Does your drive/recorder support the standard of the disc you have? Refer the following page.

Main standards supported by DVD writers/recorders

  • Please check the verified media vendor list from your drive/recorder manufacturer. Or can you ask the manufacturer if the Ricoh disc model has been tested by them?
  • Are you sure that the data you intend to write is not protected from unauthorized copying? You are not allowed to write any copyright protected data.
  • Please try a firmware upgrade for your drive/recorder, if it is available. Firmware upgrades for Ricoh drives are available from here.
  • Review if your system or writing software is working properly. For example,
      • If one is available, please update your writing software.
      • If you have installed more than one writing software package, try uninstalling all of them and reinstalling just one of them.
      • If any anti-virus software or virtual CD software is installed on your computer, try a software update.
      • Quit all other programs except the writing software. Especially, close any memory resident programs.


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