FAQ for DVD/CD Media

DVD-R (hyphen R) media

Do DVD-R media differ from DVD+R media?

Both are recordable media, and are often called 'write once media.' (However, they do not record copyright protected data.)
But since each of them has its own physical structure, based on their respective standards, each recorder drive has to meet certain media standards.
Please look for the standard supported by your disc on the label side of the disc, or on the package, to see if your writer is compliant with the standard.
Currently, there are several standards for DVD recording.

Main standards supported by DVD writers/recorders

For example, if your writer is compliant with the "DVD-R standard," you can use DVD-R discs. Please check standards supported by your writer before you buy DVD Recordable discs.

[ Choose disc by LOGO ]

You can find which disc to use, DVD+R or DVD-R, from the logo marked on your drive or recorder.

[ For DVD recorder users ]

To record copy guarded digital broadcasts, CPRM media is necessary. Currently, there are no products compliant with CPRM in our product line-up. Please consult the manual of your recorder to see if it is compliant with the CPRM recording.

  • * CPRM stands for Content Protection for Recordable Media.

[ For DVD drive users ]

When writing the data less than 1GB in compatible with DVD-Video(ROM) mode, there is a difference between DVD+R disc and DVD-R disc.

With DVD-R disc, when writing a data that is less than 1GB, addition to the actual data, the drive will write a dummy data until it reaches 1GB and then close the session. It will take a little longer time than writing the actual data.

With DVD+R disc, even the data you are going to write is less than 1GB, the session can be closed without writing the dummy data. You will be able to save a little time.

ex. Time difference when writing approximately 5 minutes DVD-Video type data (approximately 195MB). (8x disc and 8x drive used)
writing time

  • * NOTE: BHA B'sRecorder Gold Ver.8.11 default setting used. The time might depend on the software you are using, please contact your software manufacture.


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