CD-R Drives FAQ


Drive is not recognized.

When installing CD-R drive in the PC, the Device Manager does not recognize the drive. Is the drive broken?

First, try the following. If the problem persists after following these steps there may be something wrong with your drive.

1. 1) Ensure your SCSI host adapter is recognized correctly in the following.
* Windows 95/98
(1) Go to: Start - Settings - Control Panels - System - Device Manager tab
(2) Confirm if the SCSI host adapter is correctly installed. Double-click on the SCSI Controller. If the "!" mark appears beside the SCSI host adapter, the adapter has not been recognized. In this case, please contact the manufacturer of the SCSI adapter.
2. Check your SCSI cable for any problems, for example,
  • Bent SCSI connector pins.
  • SCSI cable length. (SCSI-2: 3m or less, SCSI-3: 1.5m or less)
3. Set a terminator at the end of each SCSI chain.
4. Ensure each SCSI device has a unique SCSI ID. If there are two devices with the same ID in a SCSI chain, this may cause some problems. Attention with Macintosh since they have SCSI devices some ID numbers will already be used.
5. Ensure that the power cable is attached and seated well. If not, the drive will not have any power.

If the drive still cannot be recognized, though you have tried all of the above, there is something wrong with the drive itself. In this case, we recommend that you get your drive serviced.

Cannot recognize a CD-R disc.

When I insert a CD-R disc into the drive, the disc is automatically ejected. Is there a problem with the drive?

Please test using other discs like Audio CD or stamps CD-ROM. If the other discs are recognized the problem appears to be with the first disc. Should all the discs be ejected then there may be a problem with the drive.

Writing error

During the writing process a Buffer under-run error occurred. Is there something wrong with the drive?

Usually this error appears when there is a problem with the data transfer. In the majority of these cases this is a system problem and rarely is it a drive problem. First try to defragment your HDD. In the case where a CD-ROM drive was used as a source device, modify the recording method by creating image files on the HDD before recording. Alternatively reduce the writing speed.


After installing the CD-RW drive the PC often freezes by just moving the mouse. Is there something wrong with the drive?

Check the following.

1. Some SCSI host adapters do not support CD-RW drives. Please consult with the manufacturer of the SCSI host adapter.
2. The data transfer rate of SCSI adapter may cause this problem. Check the configuration of the adapter.

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